fla2016 SuzyWell, today is the big day. The Boatress’s B Day, and it’s, well, let’s just say an ish Birthday. Kinda between two whoppers. I will say though, in my eyes, she is still 20 ish and makes me smile like I am 15 ish. She has been by my side for close to 30 years and it feels like a week.

Matt Suzy 25

Almost 30 years ago. Yes I was and am a dork, but look at her, yowza!

Today, I have to be hrs away from her and it makes me sick to not wake up with her smile and cup of morning Joe. But that’s life in the big city with big responsibilities. So let’s all raise a cup of Varnish Coffee and wish the better half in our lives and mine today. It’s Boatress Day on Woody Boater! Post away!

Labor Suzy Yelling

Wooohooo! The Boatress sure likes a boat ride

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27 Responses to “Today Is The Boatres’s Birthday, So Guess What? It’s Boatress Day!”
  1. Bob Menzel

    Happy Birthday Suzy and many many many more Woody Boat rides!

  2. Bob Menzel

    Happy Birthday Suzy and many many more Woody Boat rides!

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    Happy Birthday Suzy. We all know you are the spark that keeps the center of the WoodyBoater Universe going. Hop a plane ride to Algonac this weekend, and we will give you lots of boat rides to celebrate your birthday!

    • Dennis Mykols

      All packed, but raining on this side of the state, that’s what I get for washing the truck and hull sides yesterday. Looking forward to burning a couple of tanks of premium on those beautiful blue waterways.

  4. Tuobanur

    Oh Suzy Q,,, oh Suzy Q,,,,, oh Suzy Q Happy Birthday to you oh Suzy Q…….

  5. m-fine

    I was going to guess it was her 29th B-day, but your clues suggest she may be older than she looks, so happy 39th to the Boatress!

  6. Rick

    Happy Birthday Suzy. Thanks for keeping the big guy on the straight and narrow all these years and letting him pursue his passion to the benefit of all of us.

  7. Eric & Jill

    Happy Birthday ! Agree with Yowza picture, lucky guy!

  8. Terry

    Happy day Boatress. Have a good cup of champagne instead of varnish. Lol. Have fun!!!

  9. John Rothert

    I have said it before…you are one lucky guy.

    Happy Birthday boatress!

    John in Va.

  10. Dennis Mykols

    Happy, Happy, Happy… Look forward to seeing that beautiful smile at the next boat show we all attend…
    Dennis and Ronnie

  11. John Baas

    How do the dorks get all the babes, anyway?
    Happy birthday Mrs. Smith!

    • Mike K

      yeah matt sure out kicked his coverage.

      i think its either suzy is the one that needed the glasses in the b/w photo


      she thought he was john hughes (movie producer)
      well, matt is kinda funny

  12. Rabbit

    If only you were in the upper Midwest, Matt. You could take her to a supper club and treat her to a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet, steak and walleye, and a Grasshopper.

  13. floyd r turbo

    Happy birthday Suzy, what do you get a woman who has everything.

    • Troy in ANE

      For putting up with Matt all these years, probably Therapy.

      • Troy in ANE

        Only trouble with that thought process is that Matt would come home with this.

  14. John Lisicich

    Aloha and Happy Birthday, ok a few days late!
    This is truly a wonderful birthday message for your sweetie. You both are blessed!
    I know how you feel as my awesome and wonderful wife of 43 years is also my best buddy in the whole wide world. It’s so GREAT to have a sweetie, best friend, and playmate 24 hours every day, plus puts up with all our crazy obsessions and play toys.
    Happy Birthday and make every day the best day of your life, so far! Here’s to many, many, more birthdays and Blessings Galore!!
    John Lisicich