Scarlet on her Vintage Mako headed out to perfect waters.

Ya got Throwback Thursday, and Wooden Boat Wednesday, How About Sunset Sunday. Today we can show off all those stunning sunset shots we have gotten over the past month, and then all winter go back and remember why we do this.

Sunset wave

We shot this to thank Dave Van Ness who coached us through some simple stuff. THANKS DAVE!

Sunsets and Classic Boats seem to jest go together. Like mashed taters and gravy, or Apple pie and ice cream, they are nice on there own, but together, magic. Got any good sunsets for this Sunday? Bring em on!

Scarlet sunset 2

Headed out

Here is Jimmy out on his vintage Mako with Scarlet who LOVES a boat ride. She is either on the deck or chomping at the water.

And here is the Sunset from WECATCHEM, The Boatress and Becky and all three pooches enjoyed the sunset

And of course, what is a Sunset Cruise without some porpoise pals?

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33 Responses to “It’s Sunset Sunday!”
  1. Jeff Funk

    On our busy lake sunset provides some of the best boating…and the most beautiful. Heading home in our Coronado after a day on the water. Doesn’t get any better than this.

  2. Troy in ANE

    I don’t seem to have many sun set pics, but here is a sun rise from Dora in Miss Lisa with Matt Byrne.

    Love the Porpoise! (Did you have to look that up to spell it?) Four came to visit on Friday while I was tied to the dock working on AB.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    Marianne took this one over the stern of Water Lily on Lobdell Lake. One of our favorites!

  4. Matt

    Yes, Troy I did, several times, my spelling was so bad even google couldnt recognize it. HA.

    • m-fine

      Ha! I wish we could see you trying to Google it! Porpus? Pourpus? Pourpuss? Porpous? Pourpous? Been there myself a few times!

  5. George Blosser

    Smith Mountain Lake taken from 1956 Chris-Craft Continental “Happy Days” by Trish Pierce of Woody Boater fame.

  6. Shannon K

    Sunset from the XK-19 taken on Lake Charlevoix this week.

  7. Shannon K

    … and one from Alan Brenner’s XK-22 when we were invited for a sunset cruise last week on Lake St. Clair.

  8. Kelly Wittenauer

    Enjoying everyone’s fabulous photos! Simon Kenton bridge over the Ohio River at sunset

  9. Al Benton

    We were out camping from June 30 to July 6 and didn’t see a single sunrise or sunset the entire time. Rain, rain, more rain. Not fair at all.

  10. Dennis Mykols

    Here is one of my favorite sunset pictures I took, while we were at the Spring Lake Yacht Club for an evening event. Luckily the boat was tied up when this fast moving front went thru, and left this clearing, beautiful sunset out over Lake Michigan.

  11. Don Palmer

    OK, I admit, it isn’t on the water, but this is a photo I copied a few weeks ago because it was so beautiful!

  12. Whaler Walt

    Great Topic today and Yes, another puurrrrrfect (Matt spelling) time for Missouri boating, Gravois Mills, Lake of the Ozarks – – Hope to do it again this evening – – Cheers to the whole gang – –

  13. Brian Flaherty

    Does it count as WoodyBoater sunset if the play structure was made of wood in the shape of a boat??

    The new Marine Park in beautiful Blaine Washington (just 2 mins from the Peace Arch border crossing to Canada)

  14. Brian Flaherty

    And one of my all time favorite sunset cruise photos!

    (The was the second cruise after the restoration this winter)