doodle 10

I get board being the passenger.

OK, OK, OK, I know what you are thinking. No really I do. One, it must be some sort of cool boat? NO. OK, then what in the hell would you go on another 12 hour road trip for? Wellllll? It all started in Boulder Co this past week, we flew out for a wedding from VA, and that was amazing and fun, but had also planned on driving to LA to visit our son and help him buy a car on his own.


In and out burger. Mmmmm

Then hop on a flight home on Sunday. Wellllllll, see, I have a problem. I love my wife, and, welllllll, she fell in love with a Beetle, in Santa Monica, at our pal Butch’s dealership. Butch is the Gen Manager of Volkswagen of Santa Monica, and welllll, one thing lead to another, justifications were made, and we…she now owns the “cutest VW ever” and we are driving home to Virginia. Yesterday, yesterday again,today, tomorrow, and the next tomorrow. Yes, we flew to Denver to buy a car in LA. This is the sort of counter reaction to buying barn find boats that stink up the barn btw. So, we are road tripping, stopping at diners, and truck stops and toilets along the way. Hope you don’t mind today is sans boats. If you like just comment a picture of your boat so no one will be disappointed.

Doodle road trip

Somewhere town, somewhere state getting some snacks! I liked the Blue and matching shape. I call it. Getting Snacks.

doodle Header

In Oklahoma at the Rt 66 Museum.The Classic Edition has special wheels, Turbo, and below the interior.

doodle 14

And a cool vintage look interior.

doodle 12

The bugs like the…bug!



Ok, am I seeing things, that cloud over Texas is flipping me off!

doodle 9

There is sure alotta road out there. Rt 66 is a two laner right to the right

Doodle 8

Cool interior details. VW has done a great job on the design with the newer Beetle. Its not the chick car it was. Even though this one is a Chick car now. It has a screaming Turbo!

doodle 5

The Chick and her Chick Car at another road side situation.

By the time you are reading this we are racing across the South and up through Memphis.. I hope.

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27 Responses to “ROAD TRIP! This Time, It’s Personal.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I’m glad you took good care of Suzy, but you could have been home a day sooner without all the photo stops!

  2. Jim Staib

    Did you stop in Oatman, AZ to feed the donkeys? Or Madrid, NM for a burger? Or The Midpoint in Adrian, TX for pie? What a great road trip.

  3. Troy in ANE

    Wow! VW does not have dealerships in VA?

    I am glad you see that cloud over TX as flipping you off, because it looks like something totally different than that to me.

    Here is a pic of a boat I want to go look at, but it would be harder to keep than a beetle.

  4. Terry

    We had a little red convertable red one until recently. It was starting to have tranny problems so we traded. But, was a fun car for the wife.

  5. Old Salt

    What oil are you using to break it in?
    What are you going to name the new VW? “Bugging Suzy”

    • m-fine

      You jest, but VW is actually very particular about their oils. They have their own specs for oil for their different engines.

  6. jim bell

    Cool change of pace,..does this make the Boatress, the Bugtress? ha ha

    • Old Salt

      Anything floats with enough 3m 5200 placed in the right spots… LOL

  7. John Rothert

    Don’t know about Jim’s burger recommendation…but isn’t that giant cruiser and Burger? Boatress is worth any bug.

    John in Va.

  8. Tom Gruenauer

    I’d tough to say “No” when you came home with another boat a few weeks ago.

  9. floyd r turbo

    I think you should do some old skool customizing to make it your own. The VW/German car culture thing is alive and well with the millennials. Too bad we couldn’t get them more involved here. I’ve been to their meets with my son. Amazing what the 20 somethings can do with their imagination.

  10. floyd r turbo

    Here is old school – “praise the lowered” its Sunday lol.

  11. Bill Whitney

    Here is a Woody Boat you could tow with that Bug.
    Glen-L eleven-footer with 1957 Merc 40 horse.

  12. floyd r turbo

    Back to boats, someone please find me one of these…Pacemaker??

    • Troy in ANE

      Wait why do you want a Pacemaker, what is up with your 30′ Connie?

      • floyd r turbo

        You can’t have too many boats. Haven’t worked on Connie for weeks. My wife’s name is Connie, she knows which one I’m talking about, lol. ‘glass is easier to buff out than mahogany bottom replacement on a CC cruiser and the shop is not in my back yard. Just thinking down the road.

  13. Dick Dow

    Pacemaker Alglas 25′. We had one from 1968-’74 – great boat until I hit a log and bent the shaft! Dad was done boating by then so had it fixed and sold the boat. I ran into it in a yard about ten years later and the folks that had it absolutely loved it.

  14. Bill Anderson

    butterflies, woms bees, a nd a pooping blue jays on each side,,it was fun til she fell a sleep and totaled it there is more room than u think in them

    • steve stevenson

      I bought my wife Peg a little German car this spring she loves it