Rayco fuel tank 3After being away from my Baby, Barrel Back Barn Find for two weeks I am ready to make sweet love to her, and get her set up for her big appearance at the Smith Mountain Lake Show in a week. The “plan” is to get her started this weekend with lots of new goodies, like her new Rayco Fuel tank.

rayco fule tank2

OH MY! You “sexy gas tank you!” BTW the Boatress calls me that as well. We have a long story later on how these are made with nude  pictures and all. Stay tuned.

And all new plugs, fuel pump, carb rebuild and other stuff from VanNess Engineering.

Van Ness supplies

Heavy duty Copper 5/16 fuel line. mmmm thats one nice package VanNess has!

We have a windshield part from Jimmy and new packing and other goodies from Classic Boat Connection. Then at the big Smith Mountain Lake Show put her in the water for the first time in over 4 decades. Be there to watch us do what we hope wont happen. Like going to the races, you know you want to see a crash. But glad when it doesn’t happen. That kinda fun. Smith Mountain Lake is home to Phil “5 Gallon Bucket” Jones so we should be covered!

rayco fuel tank5

You know you want more gas tank love!

rayco fule tank1

I can’t wait to stick that filler tube in.. OK, wait one second, this is going to far. Sorry to all our readers. It’s inappropriate to objectify this poor fuel tank. After all she is just being a fuel tank. But man oh man, look at her gasalishious skin… Her curves.  Sorry, in no way did we intend to offend any gas tanks out there. Maybe if we name her we won’t see her as just an object of desire. And yes, I need help…


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16 Responses to “Guess What I Am Doing This Weekend? Rated R!”
    • John Stolte

      I believe that’s what the inside of my fuel tanks look like a couple of months ago and do I had them polished

      • dick hansen

        Tell me more about polishing. I’ve heard about this for diesel but not gas.

  1. Tuobanur

    Nice,,, did you ever name her, cause Baby Back Barrel sure sounds like a good one..

    • Matt

      Ya that hurricane is a god send! Ha. Old tank is here if anyone wants it. It had about 3 gallons of old fuel in it that is now gone.

  2. John Rothert

    somehow is seems appropriate that the thing the will make the biggest difference in performance and reliability should be so beautiful to behold. See ya at SML…..and I predict no need for the 5 gal bucket.

    John in Va.

  3. floyd r turbo

    I guess the “R” rating stands for restoring the racy and rare remarkable barn find’s normally reliable refueling system with respected robust Rayco rather than rejuvenating or revitalizing the rusty and redolent o-riginal, therefore returning your romantic and rollicking sex life ravishing your remarkable rosy cheeked bride. Right On.

  4. Old Salt

    Did it come with a 21 gallon fuel measuring stick and did you get matching aluminum tie down straps for it as well?

  5. jim g

    Why are you replacing the pick up tube? The original is probably fine. If the copper tube is bad it can be replaced keeping the brass fitting that screws into the tank.

    Besides the new one you have does not have the anti siphon device in it. Where your original one does. If you use the new one you have you will need to get some type of anti siphon valve to put inline on the fuel line.

  6. John Rothert

    The anti siphon deal is important, but inline is fine.
    As to the POLISHING…..it would not do enough for a tank that was anywhere near like the one Jim Staib shows….in the diesel is removes the algae after long sitting…..a tank like the Jim photo is trash……anything less you might be able to have a radiator shop boil out….but hey…..fall in love with the new ones!
    John in Va.