Meet Bill, Martha, Bob and Judy Smith

I thought this may happen, had to work a bit and then we rebuilt the water pump…three times. Thanks to Dave Van Ness who over the phone while driving home explained the right way.


A little something to calm the nerves. Hey! That might explain some stuff.

Man oh man, the guy can coach you over the phone and guess what? It worked. Like gold. We made it here to Smith Mountain Lake by 9 pm and just got these fun photos of an amazing day on Smith Mountain Lake. Thanks Eric Zelman for sending in the shots! And since no names or captions were included, you know what that means. We get to make them up! Woohoo! Meet the Smiths


Phil and George Smith, chasing some other Smiths


Thats lu Lu Smith waving. Its like she is family. The boat belongs to Ralph Smith, and was restored by Phil “Splinter” Smith


That’s Whitey Smith and Pat Smith


Thats Cleatus Smith, and Cleatus Jr.


I cant make the face, but I know they are Smiths


Lefty Smith from Coranado!


Oh look, its the Smith Place


Smith Marina?


A bunch of Smiths headed someplace


Sunset cruise.


The Zelmans. What? Not everyone is a Smith. Come on!

Thanks for having some fun and stay tuned for updates. They might be late since internet is tough when you are sinking, and driving.




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8 Responses to “Look At All The Smiths I Missed, Trying To Rebuild A Water Pump”
  1. John Rothert

    everyone is cousins in those hills……not.

    I am off to SML!

    John in Va.

  2. Rick

    Is there going to be a Facebook Live feed (not that I know what that is, I heard a kid mention it) of the splashing of the new boat?

  3. m-fine

    Good luck to Carla and Hagerty. May you escape this day with your balance sheet unscathed.

    Good luck to Matt and crew as well.

  4. Bob Menzel

    MATT!…. ..MATT!…. YOU THERE?

    Inquiring minds need to know how it went today? 🙂

  5. ARRRGH! The boat

    Those black rubber impellors are trouble! Blue silicone won’t break into leetle pieces & get scattered through your cooling system….!