The Museum setting!

Little Reedville Virginia today is host to close to 40 Classic Boats and a mess of folks who are stopping by to say hello and partake in all that is good about Saturdays in a small town. If you driving in this morning and need a bite, Stop at the Little River Market on the left about 5 miles from town. Thats your chance for a breakfast sandwich. There will be burgers and wieners at the show. And Craft Beer! Yes. Beer.. Come on by if your close by.. OK, nothing is close by, but come on anyway!




Mighty Mouse and Bib Bubba are all set in there spot


Sunrises in Reedville are magical


Bring a friend like Clif here. Did we mention there is a flea market.


WECATCHEM is ready for a day in the sun.

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5 Responses to “Good Morning From Reedville Virginia”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Have a great day Matt. It looks like a beautiful setting for a show. I am going to join you there some day. Rainy with storms here in Michigan, so I would much rather be there!

    • Matt

      Come on down anytime. Sept and Oct are the best boating months of the year here. Flat water, no humidity, and no jet skis

  2. m-fine

    My agenda today: Replace head gasket on mower. Mow lawn. Replace float valve on sump pump. Work on deck repair.

    Shoulda gone to Reedville.

    • Wilson

      My agenda—Finish cleaning up debris from hurricane Hermine and full dead and decaying lily pad leaves from the lakeside. And look for a replacement for a blown powerhead on a 90 hp Johnson outboard.

  3. floyd r turbo

    So is the bilge smell getting any better? Have you tried any recommended remedies? If Trooper II is there get more pictures (the 1935 Consolidated Sedan Cruiser you pictured earlier that “Jake from State Farm identified). It is gorgeous.