Family gathering!

A couple a weeks, commenter “Pappy” made the statement that his Woody Boat was part of the family. What a great and obvious thought. Now of course you know we believe that here 100%. They may not be on the same level as lets say a new born son, but by the time the kids are angry bitter teenagers, the boat may become higher on the family pecking list. A woody boat has a soul, a heart and defiantly moods, likes to go on family vacations, and likes to just go out and pal around. She hangs out in the barn with you when you are board. You spend money on her like a member of the family as well.


My boys years ago. The t shirt says it all.

We all secretly know we will never get all our money back when she is adopted by another family. And the first day you get her, it does change the family dynamic. So today we ask you. Is your Woody Boat part of the family? Post pics of family get togethers, heck you may have even started a family with your Woody Boat. We don’t need to see those photos!

Suzy work5

The boatress. I am still shocked she helps in all sorts of ways!

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28 Responses to “Is Your Woody Boat Part Of The Family?”
  1. Sean

    We have never had a cottage and I didn’t get my first boat until the kids were teenagers so, neither of them are really into boating of any kind. However, we have one or two “family” rides a season where everyone puts aside their busy lives to spend a day together on the old man’s boat. Everyone enjoys it… but, I’m not holding my breath that they will ever want to take over the keys to the woody.

  2. 7FTCWBY

    A family member indeed. People are always shocked when I tell them that we actually use our boat every weekend to escape the hectic life of having to work. But since we don’t have children of our own (yet) the boat is our baby.

  3. 7FTCWBY

    Add what I said above, we even got a sibling for the boat so we have a full land and sea family now.

    • Kelly Wittenauer

      Love the pair! But I wouldn’t want to even try to tow the boat with the little Nash.

    • Don Vogt

      way cool. is the boat a dorsett or a bell boy by any chance? great car, too!

  4. Old Salt

    My dad in the family sportsman inwhich his dad had purchased in 1957. We are now in our fourth generation of family members enjoying the boat.

  5. Tuobanur

    This is from the day of the launch where approximately 60 family and friends showed up to help celebrate and the fact that it’s named after my mom (god rest her soul) I would say yes it is part of the family.

  6. John Rothert

    but of course WE are ALL Family….here on!

    boatress is a winner even in the coveralls!

    Counting our blessings….one boat at a time….

    fall is here…GOING BOATING!

    John in Va.

  7. Briant

    Our Zoomer is a part of the family…but sometime she loves to hang out with her bigger step sisters…

  8. Steve Haines

    Just another family funday on Hamburg Cove. Snazzy, Pastime, Mary C and even some of our fiberglass friends…

  9. Karl Hoffman

    This is or two Kids on Vacation on Lake Tahoe Summer of 1985 the day after the Tahoe Show. The boat is now owned by our son and our daughter will soon have a 1940 U 18 CC sedan When dad gets it done.

  10. Jeffrey J

    Mine is a fully vested group….we all took a turn in the “signing of the transom framing” before it got its final covering. Maybe some day way off he’ll need to make a repair and see our signatures….now if old dad would just get done building in the first place!

  11. Clay T

    of all the boats i have had, this one is a special part of us for sure. it is our baby, and acts like one sometimes!

  12. Kelly Wittenauer

    My love of boats began at age 8 – aboard my dad’s 1959 23′ Chris Craft Cavalier cruiser. But my woody boat is a 12′ with 20hp. So it’s more of a solo thing, as it barely planes with 2 aboard. And I didn’t buy it until our son was in high school. He did grow up with frequent outings on fiberglass ski boats we owned since he was 3. But he never caught the boat bug.

    Cars are what he absorbed from the family roots. We gather at the track. Son in #32 & husband in #37 on the grid to qualify at a Vintage Sports Car Drivers’ Association event at Grattan Raceway this August. This was #32’s debut.

  13. Brian Flaherty

    Boating has been in my family’s blood for several generations and now I am passing it along to our next generation! Our two boys LOVE being on our boat any chance they get, even if it is just sitting in the garage!

    While ours is not wood, it still has a soul and is very much a part of our family.

  14. David

    My dad and I in Hessel, MI. Great boat show, great place, great people and really great boats and lots of memories.

  15. Chris B

    Boats all put away they will be missed like a family that lives out of town. We all miss the rides during the off season.

  16. Kentucky Wonder

    Two nephews on a chilly morning in Hessel. Of course, chilly is a relative term. They are used to 95 degrees with 95% humidity. 65 and cloudy was a big change.