John Allen and Mowitza II from this past Summer on Gull Lake. File Photo – Dane Anderson

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters John Allen and Brian Mark who gambled and left Mowitza II in and won the Jackpot with a 62 degree day up north in Minnesota.


File Photo – Dane Anderson

And he captured it all on a fun short video. Go stand in the fridge to watch it so you get the entire vibe. Let’s go!

Thanks John and Brian for sharing a perfect last gasp. And don’t forget, to make sure your Hagerty Insurance is up to date!

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12 Responses to “John Allen Takes On A Last Chance Last Gasp On Gull Lake.”
  1. Texx

    “MOWITZA II” is a beautiful 1928 Ditchburn 27′ Viking currently powered by a 454 Chevrolet big block. John has an original Sterling Petrol engine, which he hopes to reunite with the rare Ditchburn some day.

    Dane and I had the priveledge of joining John Allen for a cruise in this elegant wooden speedboat on Gull Lake a while back, it was a fantastic experience. – Texx

  2. Dane

    Saturday was as nice as it gets in the Brainerd Lakes area. Glad to see that you got Mowitza out for a run.

  3. Rabbit

    Matt, It’s “Gull Lake” not “Gill Lake”. Surely those glorious days you spent at Woods & Water last year must have left an indelible mark.

  4. Antique Boat Museum

    We were just scanning archival photographs last week and Mowitza II was in one them. This shot is from the parade at the 1982 Antique Boat Show in Clayton, NY.

    • Gary

      I believe Mowitza II was driven across Lake Ontario for this show. She was powered with a Kermsth Sea Wolf at the time.

  5. Bruce Cleland

    Yes, Mowitza II was run across Lake Ontario from Toronto. She was owned by my brother Bill Cleland at the time and if I recall correctly, had just been restored.
    We cruised in and around the Toronto Islands while he had the boat in Toronto. Most people we encountered had never seen a boat like that! She lived on Lake Muskoka most of the time.

  6. Bruce

    P.S. Those “Canadian Bumpers” are called “Fenders”
    Just sayin…

  7. Bruce

    Ah Ha. Looks like this is one of those Can-Am things like soda vs pop or grill vs BBQ.
    The Original Ditchburn catalogue listed “8 braided rope fenders” as part of the list of standard equipment provided with each Viking.