The Kittys like it!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Greg Jahn or sending in some shots of his latest find. A very cool.. fall..cool.. get it.. Anyway, a very sweet Larson Falls Flyer. He is looking for more info on it, and thought we may have some Larson nuts out there. Anyone know where Greg can find the Hull Number for example?


It is cool to see one of these in unrestored condition, hopefully Greg is going to restore her or maybe leave her in full Patina condition.


OK now to confuse things, we found a pair of shoes on Ebay, Vintage Coach shoes that kinda resemble the Falls Flyer? Anyone know any info on those as well.


Larson Shoes?


No info on the shoes or the Larson? How about Killer Whales?


Photo – Robert Pittman – NOAA

No Killer whale info? How about .


Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia

Maybe Yoga pants? Troy got any info on those? OH GOD what am I even asking for?


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23 Responses to “In Honor Of Fall – A Larson Falls Flyer In The Raw!”
  1. WoodyGal

    The black cat peeking around the bow in the first photo adds to the seasonal beauty!

  2. Mark

    I had to do a double take on the highway yesterday.

    What’s up with this ?

  3. Rabbit

    Here’s a Falls Flyer story I never shared. My son and I had just driven up to Brainerd, Minnesota from Minneapolis to attend Woods & Water. It was fairly late and we were driving through town, looking for a quick bite, before heading to my in laws cabin. As we went through a green light a pickup towing a perfect Falls Flyer ran the red light and I slammed on the brakes just in time, our hearts jumping out of our chests. It would’ve been a helluva a way to go: Taken out by a Falls Flyer on the way to to the big show.

  4. Eric

    Go to Fiberglassics, then under library click on Larson for the historical recap. Looks like it was a 1939 or 1940 then they started on on inboards. I tried to post links but no luck. You can also do a search for falls flyer restoration on fiberglassics or just on google to see the later fiberglass models.

    • Greg Jahn

      Thank you for the info in my opinion this boat is to the boat world what the 1932 Ford 3 window coupe is to the car world. design, character, class uniqueness, not enough words. Not designed on a computer but the look will never be out of place at any time

  5. Tom McGowan


    Welcome to the wonderful world of Larson boats. Not sure where you are located but, from personal experience with my Larson cabin outboard, the font of all wisdom on things Larson is John Monahan of The Boat Works Inc in Little Falls Minnesota. He is well worth looking up.

  6. Lee Wangstad

    Definitely pre-war. The serial number should be stamped on the transom knee.

  7. Reddog

    Never could get the idea of the design of the flyers. They kinda look like a headless duck decoy. Some, not sure if all , are rear seat steering wheel. Love the black and white yoga pants. Those are bad azz.

  8. Texx

    Prior to the big auction a few years ago, the (Paul) Mikkelson Museum in Minnesota was a one-stop place for all things Larson / Falls Flyer.

  9. Royce Humphreys

    Greg, great find! I reside at Lake Okoboji. Lots of info on the pre war Falls Flyer that you have. Great pice of history. Paul Michelson from Wilmar Minnesota is the man that you need to connect with. He will be able to give you incredible insight. Cheers on you find!

    • Richard Braunz

      Hello I have a old flyer and on the bottom in back inside it stamped 1932 its a outboard is this right i have pictures

  10. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

    Sadly Paul Mikkelson is not able to help. His health is not good. There is tons of information about Falls Flyer boats. There used to be a newsletter devoted just to them. I wonder if anyone ever scanned them??? Good project for someone looking for a fun chore!

  11. Jim Dunn

    The serial number is to found stamped into the brace supporting the transom from the keel just under where the motor clamps on to the transom. At least that is where it is on my ’49 wood Flyer.

    • Ron Nagel

      Is there a database for the old serial numbers? My neighbor has a 1953/1954 Larson playboy cedar boat. 4 digit serial number…