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For those of you visiting us for the first time, you might be wondering, people collect boats? Really! One boat is enough… Oh contraire!  Classic boats can be fun to collect, and since many are designed for specific uses, its not unusual to use several of them in a weekend.  So, we ask today, what do you think are the top collectable boats for this decade? We will take a stab here to get this started.


Glaspars are cool! – Owner Pat Harris

  1. Correct Craft
  2. Chris-Craft XK Series
  3. Chris Crafts in general
  4. Donzi
  5. Boston Whaler
  6. Glaspar
  7. Painted Woody’s
  8. Bertam
  9. Glastron
  10. Riva

OK, OK, I know I missed some stuff. And of course the fiberglass category is a huge in its complexity, and there are cools brands that are very extreme, but as to collectable, there are two camps, the extreme designs, and usable boats. Some brands do both?


Correct Craft – Seth Katz owner

Also we kept Chris Craft in there because there will always be a market for Chris Crafts. But what are the emerging brands? If you are looking around for a new collectable fix, maybe its a plastic boat, a cool Bertram? Or one of the countless others out there. The point here is that to make something collectable there has to be a group of folks that also like them. A small club, gatherings, and a market for the brand so parts can be found and made. Otherwise, its still collectable, but you may be the only one with one! Which is cool. But? What are your thoughts today?


One bad ass Glastron on the St Johns Cruise!

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47 Responses to “What Are The New Top 10 Collectable Boats Out There?”
  1. Rick

    I would add early Checkmate boats. Most were grossly overpowered by their owners causing them to chine walk. Scary as heck but throttled back to where it was designed fun as all get out.

  2. Don P


    It has a big following and the little Cigs are very hard to come by.

  3. s. bunda

    Baja, Checkmate, Concord, , All offshore boats like early Arrnow , Formula to Fountain and others. Shaida and other California go fast boats.

  4. Sean

    Many of the early offshore hull designs have become collectable. Selected designs from Formula, Donzi , Magnum, Cigarette, Bertram, Nova, Martini to name a few. The key to their popularity is actually the designers like Ray Hunt, Sonny Levi, Walt Walters, Jim Wynne and other giants of marine design.

    I have just started a complete restoration of a 1965 Formula Jr. This boat is a fiberglass version of the Wynne-Walters Wynn Mill II wooden racer that was made for recreational purposes as the 2nd design offered by Formula Boats. There were only about 150 of these made over 4 years. Mine is purported to be hull #2.

    Collectability, is truly in the eye of the beholder and influenced by the company you keep. There are so many niche communities that it would be impossible to amass a true comprehensive list of the top collectable boats. One thing is clear, and that it is specific models and not just any boat from a specific marque that commands true collectability.

    • Troy in ANE

      Glad someone else mentioned the Formula Jr. I love these boats! But then again I love all Formulas it seems. Currently have a ’85 242LS and a ’91 36PC.

      Is it odd that I like the Formulas and the CC Connies?

  5. Sean

    As far as woodyboater collectors go, I think the fiberglass Century boats would be high on their to 10 list… Some are really cool!

  6. Tuobanur

    Smaller wooden boats from 15′ to 17′, a bit more manageable for the novice builder, easier to trailer and will fit in most garages.

  7. Craig

    I’m going with the smaller offshore racer based boats (boats easily trailerable and stored) because racing dna is so sexy, and Centurys, ’cause they’re so over-the-top.

  8. Tamara

    How about a 1975 23ft Sea Craft center console with a straight inboard (351 Ford Windsor). Beautifully restored!

  9. JFKarlson

    My desert island, fiberglastics:
    C-C 30′ (Ray Hunt) Sportsman
    Century Coronado
    C-C Lancer 23′ (inboard)
    Bertram Moppie
    C-C X19
    Century Resorter 18

  10. 7FTCWBY

    How about the Dorsett!! Sadly, I didn’t get a tiger when I purchased mine but I can tell you it is one fun ride. And there is nothing better than a Catalina Wine Mixer.

    • John A Gambill

      Yup, I agree, I restored a 62 Catalina 7 or 8 years ago, what a cool fun little cruiser!

      • Greg Lewandowski

        That boat was sweet, John, but not as cool as your Arena Craft or XK.

  11. Bill Anderson

    I have a 15ft checkmate that is decent but could be restored[I would] that I will give to some one,actually I have an aristocraft also that needs a deck,it is an early one no motors or trailers, that will get someone started Bill

  12. Karl Hoffman

    A year ago I purchased this Correct Craft Ski Nautique. The original owner was Jeff Jobe. Although I have three prewar Chris Crafts this is the boat the grandkids are learning to water ski behind.

  13. Alex

    Chris Craft 1969 19′ Commander Super-Sport and Chris-Craft XK-19’s (preferably early inboards).

    It’s rare a boat catches the fancy of collectors in a similar fashion to the way a classic car does.

    These particular Chris-Crafts align nicely with the best designs of the muscle car era. Dick Avery did beautiful work.

  14. Robert Walter

    A boat from down under – Flightcraft XL tournament -87, now in northern part of Sweden. Original boat and perfect for speed, waterskiing and barefooting. A collector boat.

  15. Randall Smalley

    1970-75 Fino. These are my favorites. Modeled after the Italian Riva they were, and still are very unique. This boat is in its original Miami Dolphins Livery. The original owner was also an owner of the Dolphins.

  16. Dick Dow

    Buehler Jet and early Hydrodyne ski-boats have always caught my eye…

  17. kw

    my favorite newer classic is 30 Chris Craft sportsman designed by Ray hunt

  18. ScottK


    Since we already have 2 from Matt’s list, I’m probably a little biased. Just need a larger garage for the other 8….and a Dan Arena, and a Cigarette, and a 30′ CC Sportsman.

    • Cadillac McDaniel

      I love that Nova and always want to THANK YOU for bringing her back to life 🙂

  19. Dave Nau

    I like the ’50s to early ’70’s lapstrake-style MFGs. Tons were sold as low-maintenance alternatives to Lymans.

  20. Heidi Palmquist Scanlon

    My grandfather’s 1964 Wacanda; located in Helena, MT. Cherished, enjoyed and all original paint and upholstery! Still has original receipt, title and owner’s manual.