Black Boot stripe

White boot stripe

Sorry about all the confusion today regarding this story. We had a photo copyright use issue and were using photos that were from Google, that has now been corrected so please continue the peanut gallery. The question from Mike Mayor from Lake Oswego Boat Co, was should the boot stripe be White or Black as requested from the owner of the boat.


black Bow booty


This was originally a red white and blue racer like Stinky, so there is not deal with being original now! Silver? Black and White?

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26 Responses to “The Choice Is Black Or White?”
  1. Pappy

    Nice job on the boat, Mike. Since “different” seems to be trending right now, I’d go with black, a color traditionally seen on light colored topsides.

  2. Rick

    Ya gotta go with the classic white. To me the black gets lost. White pops.

  3. Rick

    Matt do you keep tabs on how often we screw up the simple Math Capcha? I’m feeling pretty stupid today.

  4. Troy in ANE

    I like the black look, but if I were prepping the boat for sale I would go white because I think it would appeal to more people.

  5. Phillip Jones

    Looks like the top two shots were taken at Vintage Marine TPH ??????

  6. Kerry Pope

    I choose black. I’m in the color business. It softens the transition between the water and hull sides. Less contrast. I did this on my Donzi as well…

  7. Greg Lewandowski

    Got to go with white. Chris Smith would be turning over in his grave if he saw that black one!
    How’s that for a stodgy old varnish head opinion.

  8. Old Salt

    As we learned last night nothing is black or white anymore….! I say go with a black and a white line… Maybe even a checkerboard racing finish line look as the water line.

  9. JonH

    I like the black, but Matt if were not going original, photoshop in one more option for us–black over white to see what that looks like.

  10. tph

    I did both of the those racers. Hey wait, i wasn’t asked
    permission to use those photos. LOL

    • Matt

      Sorry, I thought the images I got were from the sender, I have delated the story today. Sorry for the problem.

  11. Kelly Wittenauer

    The white pops. The black blends in too much by itself. I prefer the dual tone stripe. Love Old Salt’s idea of black & white check, especially since its a racer.

  12. Don Vogt

    Unbeknowst to most woody boaters, there was a cc shop memo in the fall of 1936 directing that for at least some runabout models (my copy is at our lake place so i dont have it handy to refer to), the boat stripe was to be an aluminum color. So i suggest that as an alternative. It is softer than white, and imho more attractive than black.

  13. Charles J

    Beautiful boat! I tend to like understated but as everything on this boat pops in a most positive way, I’d go with white.

  14. Mike Stevens

    I’d go with the black. Not only does it match the steering wheel, but with the dark color stain on topsides it looks richer and NOT out-of-place. There’s no other ‘white’ part of the spectrum on the boat.

  15. Brian Robinson

    I like the black but since the small 1932-34 Chris-Craft runabouts had a red bottom with a black stripe originally, it makes it look like one of those older models from a distance to me.

  16. MikeM

    Thanks for all the input on this. Hopefully there won’t be any protests on the streets with this announcement. Based on popular opinion and because the boat is for sale, I decided to go with the white, more traditional boot stripe. I liked black and especially silver, but since it’s not my boat I went with the majority and will let the next owner change it if he or she wishes.