img_1440There is something very touching and Zen like about taking your boat for one last ride of the year. Sure we will be out on the water through December here. But not in WECATCHEM. She is done. I will also add that her Varnish is way way over due for a facelift. We have milked two Summers out of a 10 year old varnish job and it shows. There are countless dings, dents and little oppsies on her that are no longer charming or “Patina Perfect” they have are getting narley and a little wonky looking. So we took her out for a short ride, about an hr out into the bay and other areas and just puttered her back into her boathouse. Her next run will be to the ramp and her resting spot on her trailer. She then will be transported up to Katzs Marina were we will bore you to no end with updates on her progress. Just think, nude shots of WECATCHEM to warm you up for the winter. You will be able to give me crap at Lake Dora in March about it no longer being “prerestoic”! It was time. And we have Stinky to keep the Prerestoric flame alive. She is Done. No more work on her cosmetics. Here is the Last Ride moment captured!

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8 Responses to “The Final Ride Before She Goes For Her Refresh!”
  1. Wilson

    Gosh…Got so wrapped up in reading the political results, I almost forgot to come to Woody Boater….what has happened to me ?

    • m-fine

      Wilson, we need your support to help Make Woodyboater Great Again!

      Or is this story about Matt deciding to Make WECATCHEM Great Again?

      Oh, lets not forget to let the Boatress know that if she decides to run for Woodys for Boobies again, I am With Her.

      Sorry about the political innuendo, I haven’t had my daily share of chocolate yet.

  2. Brian Robinson

    Matt, my father has offered to restore your shabby steering wheel for free back to the correct beige color (not white like everyone does). Pull it off and put it in the mail.

  3. Bruce

    I personally think the wheel wear is great. Looks almost like it’s been used a bunch, you know, like it would if it were on an old boat or something. My favorite part of the vid, actually.

  4. Dan T

    Do the varnish. That will get re-patina soon enough as you use your boat. Leave the wheel the way it is. It’ll take fifty years to get than perfect wear patern back again. I like the used well maintained look much more than the perfect rarely used look.