A Chris Craft Barrel Back Inside? Yes!

We have said it could be done, and was one of the HUGE differences of classic boats vs new boats.  A classic boat when static is art. IT”S ART! And now, here is proof. Here at Woody Boater we just renovated the office in Northern VA and decided to create a Gallery setting.


This was the same space in 2012..And it got worse over the years


And now cleaned out and refinished.


She came in on Jimmys flat bed and just rolled into place.


And now, updated, with a barrel back!

The space is a former garage turned into a calm work space that feels like a home. A place that has subtle reminders of the passion we all share without it being to over the top. Putting the boat in the space happened last night and it just fit perfectly! Enjoy. Of course, now I need a case of air fresheners! Maybe an open can of Varnish will help!




The work area- Yes this is an office


Work is fun! With a little Woody Boat in it!


An office for the publishing empire of Woody Boater!


And from the other side


Its a bookshelf race


We have all the latest magazines


Fresh from the Mail Box!

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24 Responses to “A Classic Boat In Your House? Yup!”
  1. Tuobanur

    That’s cool as hell Matt, should make going to work a whole lot easier. 😉

  2. Dan T

    That shot of Stinky from the side is boat art perfection. Wouldn’t you love to sit down and talk to the guy who first imagined the lines of a barrel back and made it a reality. Function and art combine. Timeless!

  3. Troy in ANE

    I would have trouble getting any work done, I would want to go tinker on the boat all the time.

    Love it though, hope she is not TOO Stinky.

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    It looks great, but it would have been much easier to go for a lunch time ride if you left it on the trailer! I assume it will be headed back to your dock in the spring.

  5. Red Dog

    I heard on the radio the boat used in the Caddy Shack movie that crashed into the yacht is for sale. Not sure if it is on eBay or Craigslist

  6. Jim Staib

    I’m all for it. Most places it won’t work with narrow doors. I put my Harley Davidson in the office for Winter some years back. My x-wife didn’t like it. Got lots of tinkering done to it and I could sit on it and dream of summer. I now have my Century in the basement. Hopefully it will get done faster.

    • Larry Forget

      GREAT remodel Matt. Nice profiles.. I agree with Jim a cycle close by is a way to add a bolt a day and have new design in spring. Sit on frame in the big garage Office and go Zoom Zoom. This is the new retirement office. Upstairs yoga loft and parts storage.

      • Russ

        Sorry Off Topic. Hey Larry. I’m assuming you owned this “Rocket” at one time. Great to see you posting here!

  7. Rick

    So the house is living space and now the garage is office/living space/boater red room. Sanding and varnishing gets done where? Time for a new garage?

  8. m-fine

    That looks great! Hope the smell isn’t too bad, but if it is, I still suggest the red bottle extra strength Natures Miracle from the pet store. Let it soak in and keep applying to keep surfaces moist for a few hours and decades of animal waste smells will be gone.

  9. Grandpa Bob

    Looks great MATT. Now the issue is, how to maintain this look. My experience has been you get busy with productive activities and maintenance of the appearance slips down on the “to do” list. Keep producing the morning show. We all enjoy it

  10. Brian Robinson

    Just needs a pine tree air freshener hanging from the spotlight.

  11. Tim Robinsont


    Sorry I forgot about this product. Used it years ago and it worked. Kind of like goast busters but for odors. Check it out on West Marine web sight. Delta Tackle Air Sponge $8.99 odor imbiber.

  12. WoodyGal

    Oh wow! The messy/cool downstairs garage is now office. Cool beans. Glad you kept the garage door.

  13. Dick Dow

    Great job Matt! Kathy keeps asking me when I’m going to finish our garage/shop – I think I’ll show her this and see what she thinks! I’ve got a ways to go… 🙂

  14. EW

    Is that a wooden Sunfish? And what’s that other boat in the foreground? Very nice.

  15. Jim Staib

    Took a while to find this. Next to the Harley was an old dime-store ride boat. And a lot of other crap. Guess it was a mess.

  16. Philip Andew

    Boom!! Thats brilliant Matt. Crazy how both sides of the world we’ve been turning garages into galleries. I love the space you’ve created.