Woody Gal!

Well, we haven’t had a fun party like that in a while. It was fantastic to see folks from all over the world take the time to travel to Woodyboaterville. I know traffic was rough, and we do appreciate the trip. Bob and his Buss Load of Gals showed up just in time to keep the party rolling, and I see Troy was out on the street inviting folks to join us. Larry as usual shows up and we are not sure if he heads North or South to reach us. Regardless, of how he makes it, it warms my heart to see him having fun. We will resume our regular stories tomorrow, so in the mean time we will be cleaning up all the beer cans left by the Tahoe gang and there upside down appearance. It was great to see Brian Robinson and his little Robinson. Thanks so much again for stopping by! now go home! The party’s over! Get up! Come on! OH DEAR GOD, JOHN from VA, Did you go boating….. in your shorts again?

Matt & Texx

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24 Responses to “OH NO! Who Did “That” In The Bathtub?”
  1. Jaxon

    This “human sitting” is a rough job. I’ll be sleeping it off today. How long till Tavares?

  2. Tobler

    Jaxon gets to go to the Sunnyland show? I need to have a talk with my humans!

  3. Jaxon

    They tell me I’m going to the Country Club. It’s way better than the heat down there. I get to party for two weeks! Last year I met this hot Great Dane.

  4. Eric

    the cookies are wiped out – (my boys and their friends are home from college) mmm, all the beer is gone too-

  5. Wudzgud

    My head is pounding. Better keep the glow on and pop a top.
    Where is Zip? I think he stole the rest of the beer.
    Merry Tuesday to All!

  6. maybe next year

    Couldn’t get in to the party yesterday.

    I had good I.D. Must have been the dress code.

    • m-fine

      I am thinking go south would be better than go home. The forecast for home calls for temps in the single digits later this week. American single digits which is frigid, not the Canadian kind which are actually somewhat pleasant.

      What is the forecast for Tavares this week? Is there any reason not to show up for the big show a few months early?

      • Rick

        Maybe we can all go and crash with Wilson until the show. If we’re really quiet maybe he won’t even know we’re there.

      • WoodyGal

        Hey MFine, I’m in Oklahoma now, 62 on Friday! Are we gonna go eat sushi in Tavares this year?

        • m-fine


          I have a flight and room booked so I am likely to be there, and wherever I happen to be, I have never been known to miss a meal. So, as long as there is a sushi place to eat at, I would say the odds are looking very good.

  7. floyd r turbo

    I was a little “WBW” myself (“white boy wasted”) celebrating. This morning I had to go back looking for the house with the gold plated toilet. The 3rd one I came to I asked the woman if they were the house with the gold plated toilet and she yelled back to her husband, “Harry, here’s the guy who crapped in your tuba.”

    • Troy in ANE

      You certainly have reason to celebrate!

      Soooooooooooo glad to hear about Alayna’s recovery.

    • Jim Staib

      Climbing into bed last night

      As I was getting in bed, she said, “You’re drunk”.
      I said, “How do you know?”
      She said, “You live next door.”

  8. Rick

    Looking at the header again maybe next year we shouldn’t let Zippy valet park the boats again.

  9. m-fine

    A lot of those look like Chris Crafts, so are we sure it wasn’t Tommy “Sexist Woody Boater ” Holm who was responsible for the parking mishaps?