brrr-rideToday the Boatress and I are headed out on a two week drive across the U.S of A and back. Towards, Boulder, Reno/Tahoe, San Fransisco, Sante Fe, New Orleans, And going to maybe stop to see the Lake Burton, Lake Rabin area. Why? I don’t know? Seemed like a calling and something fun to do. I like a good drive, and visiting folks, and being able to stop along the way and just be free for a bit to do what we want to do. There isn’t a boat to go out on these winter days? BUT, the one thing that has me sweating is snow and ice storms. Reports we are seeing has huge snow storms happening all over and well, YIKES.


Reno? Will the Boatress last that long with me?

Now we are all set as to the car we are driving. A 4 wheel drive Yukon XL. We have chains and am very familiar in driving in the snow. Oh, and we will have a tow hitch with us. YOU NEVER KNOW?  We are going as far south as possible and watching the weather for sure, and best of it all, in no hurry.


We will be reporting from the road. Headers may be wonky since some of it will be done from the phone. We post on Instagram as we go as well, so if you are an Instagram follower, it will be a slightly different story and more live. For those of you not on Instagram, its fun, and on your phone. No long boring stories or fake news, no political crap, just a simple photo. OK, and lots of cars, and girls who pose in strange positions. Many fellow Woody Boaters are on there and you get a different insight into there world. Just type in Woody Boater on your Instagram account. We are there and waiting for you!

We also have some normal Woody Stories in the works that will run on days where things are tough. Like across Kansas. OH, god, I just shutter at that thought. But necessary to get to Boulder.

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33 Responses to “Has Winter Hit You Yet? What Am I Thinking?”
  1. m-fine

    Wow! If your marriage survives this, you definitely married the right woman!

  2. Wilson

    When you get to Lake Rabun, you might want to stay in the Lake Rabun Inn…If it hasn’t changed, you’ll want the bridal sweet. It is the only one with an adjoining bathroom…For all the other rooms the bathroom is down the hall. Also across the street is Hall’s Boat House…don’t miss it.

    • Ronald L Ford

      Ive not stayed at the Lake Rabun Inn but have had dinner there and can recommend the crab cakes as the best I have ever eaten, Its a beautiful lake with some a lot of wood boats. Alan Jackson has a home there Halls reported. What a great trip. I wish I could follow along with you all.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    What, no Michigan on your route? Maybe we could get you a ride on an icebreaker!

  4. Terry

    Be safe and enjoy. We did a big trip across the country and into Canada aug thru Aug thru Sept. it was warmer then. Hint, hint!
    Anyway, enjoy the trip. Looking forward to great stories and pictures.

  5. Ron in Seattle

    I think we would all be OK with a rerun or two… it’s only 16 hours from SF to Seattle, we could easily figure out a boat ride! I bet Mike in Portland could too!

  6. floyd r turbo

    This would be the only thing that would make the trip across Kansas tolerable in my mind. That and some Kansas City BBQ that I’ve never had the pleasure of trying.

  7. Ranger

    Road trip! Have fun and be safe!
    Happy birthday to my husband, Randy 70 today. Woo-hoo!!!

  8. Stan Petersen

    A few years ago, my “Boatress” and I towed a 25′ R&W Express 7000 miles attending boat shows. A true test for a marriage. In June it was year #60. Still having fun!
    By the way. Great article about you and yours in the Brass Bell.
    Thanks for your contributions to our hobby.

  9. John Rothert

    Just think of all the BBQue joints you will see/eat it…….wow….
    take care, good plan, GO DRIVING!

    John in Va.

  10. Richard Askins

    You have to go east of 95 in North Carolina for REAL barbeque. Moores Marine in Beaufort NC would be a good stop. That’s Jim Moore who restores Trumpy Yachts.

  11. Troy in ANE

    Last time you did a road trip with Suzy you came home VW Bug. What this time a Mini Cooper?

  12. Rick

    Remember you can always count on this group to help guide you. Rarely works but we’re there for you. Safe travels.

  13. Tuobanur

    Have a safe trip and if you come as far south as Charleston, SC you’re welcomed to stay in my cottage.

  14. Dick Dow

    Safe travels and as Ron indicated, if you get an urge for a wild Rainier, Seattle isn’t that far away and we always have boats in the water… 🙂

  15. Denis D

    Safe travels, except for the gas bill, that’s a great vehicle for a long trip.
    Just got the Brass Bell, great article about you…but did you have to stick your foot in the Boatress’ photo in the Katz ad!!

    Denis D

  16. Briant

    Maybe Ron in Seattle, Mike and Myself in Lake Oswego, and many others could all meet up at Lake Merwin and offer an afternoon of brisk boat rides to Suzy and Matt? The snow should be gone by then…..

  17. Dan T

    Have a nice drive about and keep yours eyes peeled for that next fabulously exciting Barn Find! Have Fun!

  18. John Baas

    Matt, keep your eyes peeled. Remember this? 55 mph speed limit in a snow storm. And there it was!

  19. Marty Feletto

    Matt – Debbie and I are on a road trip also. Bavaria. Mercedes museum yesterday, Porsche today. Back Tuesday. Gotta room for you at Tahoe or in Sacramento if you need one!!


    • Matt

      We are in Lexington Ky right now. Ahh the romance of the road. Your are in a way cooler place for sure. I will be passing no doubt a dodge dealership, if lucky today! Avoiding the impending snow. We may be in Tahoe on Thursday

      • Flash

        Just think, you are about 100 miles from the CCABC PO Box. Feel free to head North to the Best College Town in the US to Live, the coffee is on me.

  20. Chris

    You should come back to Lake Rabun July 4th weekend for the wooden boat parade. Very cool. Alan Jackson is on Lake Burton, which is two lakes up river from Rabun, about a 20 minute drive. Also very cool.