7042 to be specific. 17.4 MPG in a GMC Yulon XL. She never missed a beat.

We made it home last night around 5PM to Reedville Va, happy and honestly, ready for another run. I have not taken two weeks off in my entire working life, and it was refreshing and perfect. As the Boatress said, it was the perfect 30th anniversary date.


Even a second trip to the Waffle House didn’t ruin the trip!

Although, if I could stop taking pictures it would be better, and stay off the little vibration lines on the edge of the road. And stop playing 70’s music, and, OK, the list kinda goes on and on.


Her love of country music even grew on me. Except this one. I had to turn the channel. FAST!

Thanks to all our fellow Woody Boaters for putting up with some off topic stories. Tomorrow, back to boats.

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13 Responses to “7000 Miles And Now Home. Where Ever That Is?”
  1. m-fine

    I don’t think I could have survived 7000 miles of country music! Glad you are home safe.

  2. Rick

    Glad you made it home safe. Now go out and hug your boats, they missed you.

    • Wudzgud

      Matt can only hug Stinky. Wecathem is back in New Jersey. He would have to drive again.

  3. Jim Staib

    What a trip!! Glad all went well. Now you can tell your grandchildren about the trip where you survived not just one but TWO visits to Waffle House.
    Tavares registration is open!!

  4. Wilson

    We enjoyed the trip…It helped some of us who have seen some of the spots you visited relive some wonderful times in our own lives. Given our druthers, we’d have had you stay longer and tell us more about some spots.

  5. Bill Anderson

    Cheapest vacation I have been on,Thanks for the ride c u in march ,glad it was a safe one, Bill

  6. Troy in ANE

    Two weeks at a time is a must. I am doing one week “Staycations”, but if I am going anywhere it’s two weeks. (Three weeks for Dora, if I am bringing a boat.)

    Welcome Home!

  7. Kelly Wittenauer

    Congratulations to you & the Boatress on the milestone anniversary! Wish you another great 30. Enjoyed reading thru the trip. My husband & I will be doing a similar run come fall – Warsaw, KY to Sonoma, CA & back. Unfortunately we won’t have the luxury of 2 weeks & time to actually see things. Ours will be a destination journey, with a pickup load of tools & spares for he & our son to race their vintage Minis.

    • floyd r turbo

      Wow, that is a long way to go racing but it looks like a helluva lot of fun. Love the mini’s

  8. Bob McMahan

    Matt, traveling and enjoying where you’re going is the pause that refreshes. I’ve done a lot of it, but i have to admit, turning into the driveway on the return home and knowing you’re going to be sleeping in your own bed is a pretty good feeling. Congrats to you both on the 30th. We hit 60 this past year.

  9. John Rothert

    Great trip….and the Boatress did not get caught for flooring it when you were napping and she passed the greying barrelback for sale on that side trip to nowheresville. Getting home is great….getting home with an empty trailer hitch is a relief.

    Planning for Dora!

    John in Va.

  10. floyd r turbo

    Congratulations on 30 blissful years but my wife would not think that driving 7k miles to celebrate that would be any kind of a vacation. Although I think that was the only way you could touch all those points you wanted to visit in a reasonable time and cost. Enjoyed to read.