Thats alotta naked wood there!

There she is in all her glory for the world to see. Naked as a jay bird! All stripped down and being sanded, repaired, and loved on. One could say, and I will, it’s like she is at a wonderful spa! A Mahogany Spa, getting rubbed down, pampered and then will be warmly covered in varnish, then rubbed some more, and then more varnish. Ahhhhh one can just feel the years of dock beating flow away with every warm touch.


Shes getting a Mahogany infused massage!


There she is after her varnish exfoliation


No more wrinkles!


Mahogany Aroma Therapy


The years are just going away with every seam clean


Nice clean sides!


Oh, ya, right there… yup, thats the spot.


Ahhhh, she feels so refreshed. We can’t wait to visit this Friday for some Aroma Therapy! mmm Sniffffff that varnish!

And you thought Katzs Marina was just a marina. Thanks to Bob Kays for getting the photos.. Wait.. What the hell are you doing in there with my baby! This is private time!


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9 Responses to “WECATCHEM Update! She’s Plum Naked!”
  1. Ronald

    lol I thought you were going Prerestoric? What method did they use to strip everything? It looks huge inside with no clothes on.

  2. m-fine

    Is she going to be ready for Tavares or will you have to buy another boat to use while you wait for WECATCHEM and Stinky to get refreshed?

  3. Matt

    Her finish was beyond shot and actually almost gone on one side. To the point that we would be doing damage. As you know we used her a lot, and plan on more use. She is the best boat ever! We are paying very close attention to preserving all of WECATCHEM, and of right now, NO wood needs to be replaced. Her 5200 bottom is perfect and the sides are being refastened.
    She will not be ready for Lake Dora sadly, but we will be bringing Scarlet ( Formuly Suzy)a 24 Sportsman that is all refreshed.

  4. Tim Robinson

    Take note of the narrow deck seams, that is the way they should look not 1/8″ that you see everywhere.

  5. Matt

    Thanks Tim, yes this is a huge issue. To fat and they look very strange. I think its 1/32 if I recall.

  6. Troy in ANE

    Now that is serious Boat Porn!

    See you in Tavares, unless you are going to join the river cruise this year.

  7. Dan T

    Their comes a time when a nice patina turns into a poorly maintained boat and needs a redo. Obviously it was time for Wecatchem’s refinishing.

    You boat is my favorite post war style in its size and configuration. She’s gonna look fantastic!