valentines-6Well? If you have been married longer that 5 years, chances are you are gonna last minute this one, Married 10 Years? Well, you learned form your mistakes at 5 years.. And gonna use the special day to rekindle the flame a bit. 15 years. OK, you are in the rhythm now, but the kids are driving you nuts and close to teenagers and Valentines day is a time for secret love. 20 Years of Marriage? You better have something big ready.


Love Love!

You both earned it! The Boatress and I are fortunate enough to make it 30 years this past year, and mutually look at each other and that is the best moment. We both know that its a magic between us that can’t be replicated or even changed. There is an inner peace in knowing each other for what we are.

Now. OK, with all that said. Ya still gotta share the love with some sort of card.


Stearin clear!

So as you know ,here at Woody Boater as a public service supply harvested images of vintage Classic Boat Valentines cards so you can print one off, write on it and BAM! You have your card done today! And shhhh, we all know, you are subliminally sending her a message that a Classic Boat equals your love! It’s a win win for you and all of us. Cause one day she is going to say, sure, go ahead and get a 3rd boat!


Hop On board!


Bad pun alert


Knot joke!


From Last year, but timeless.

Good luck out there!

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9 Responses to “Valentines Day! Are You Ready!”
  1. Tuobanur

    These are great, my girlfriend still has one hanging on her fridge from two years ago.

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Wow, a lot of new material. It will be a tough choice this year. You know how to keep the first mates happy!

  3. floyd r turbo

    I’m looking for a card showing a valentine rolling around nakid on a boat under restoration. Too specific?? Troy?

  4. Dennis J Mykols

    Nice big new selection this year, even one for our puppy to give Mommy…

  5. Russ Murray

    Perfect. Thanks. Last year my special wife said go ahead and build the garage/shop/boathouse that I had been planning for years. Now no more excuses for not completing the work on the 1931 Model 199. The picture is of the sign that she had made as a Christmas gift. I am a lucky guy!