img_1999Fellow Woody Boater Chéri reports in from Rhode island with the wonderful news that the Sweet 18 Sportsman has made her journey from South Carolinia. You may recall this all happening on Ebay last week here on Woody Boater.  img_2091She’s here!!!
Our hauler – an awesome young retired Marine named Adrian – picked her up in SC on Sunday, in a 53′ covered car carrier.  She spent Monday night in an impound lot in Maryland (LOOOONG story), and arrived here in RI on Tuesday morning.  She’s now safely tucked into the garage for the winter.

She’s in better shape than we thought!  A few punky spots here and there, nothing horrible. Engine good. Trailer needs restoration, too, but we’re so glad to have it.   Mr. J.T. Oliver cared for this boat so well, and kept impeccable records for his little runabout.  It’s been fun pouring over them.  I know its bad luck to change the name of a boat, but I’m thinking that the universe would be ok with me changing her name (and her gender?) to Oliver, don’t you think?

Capt. Kelly’s working on contraptions to pull the motor and get her flipped over to being the restoration.  He did a complete resto on his dad’s Century Resorter when he was young, and I helped my dad with his 1942 CC barrel back 19 runabout when I was a kid.  We’re both giddy with excitement to get going on this project.  ….though we weren’t looking for one.  It’s all your fault!!  🙂
Some pics of the pickup/dropoff, below.  The guy, Tom, who sold her on behalf of the owner (JT’s daughter, who is 86!) is pretty cool dude.  He’s got a booming business making/distributing custom hot rod parts.  That’s his ’66 Chevy putting her in the truck.
We’ll keep you posted every so often on our progress.  Hoping to get her in the water next summer.  …though I’ve been vetoed on using her in our back yard.  NO SALT WATER, he says.  Yessir.
Thanks again for helping this old girl find her next berth!

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22 Responses to “The Sweet 18 Sportsman Is Home, Sweet Home!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Congratulations! Great boat, great story and welcome to the club. It is a decision you will not regret!

  2. Dan T

    Yes congratulations Cheri! If you haven’t done so already, join the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. Lots of great info and advice available there to help with your restoration. Good Luck!

  3. Troy in ANE

    Way to go Cheri!

    Thanks for letting us know where she/he ended up.

    I’m with Dan T. Joining the CCABC was some of the best money I have ever spent in this hobby. The information you can glean from Boat Buzz is priceless. I think the club is so valuable that I got involved and am currently President.

  4. Wilson

    Two things:
    1. Make sure you follow the appropriate ritual to satisfy Poseidon and the other Gods of the sea when changing her ( his ) name. Fellow Woody Boaters can advise you on the proper spirits and their use during the ceremony.
    2. Take care of that trailer. While there are a few single axle trailers Chris Craft sold, I only know of one other double axle trailer and it is at Lake Tahoe. There may be others around Algonac where they were made but very few, if any.

  5. Rob

    Oliver, Oliver! Never before has a boy asked for more!
    Oliver, Oliver! Won’t ask for more when he know’s what’s in store……

    • Cheri

      Capt. Kelly (a.k.a) He Who Prefers Not to Be Mentioned Online) hasn’t given me an affirmative on that. Just yet.

  6. Matt

    Yes the name Change is pure GOLD! It would be fun to invite them up for a ride once the boat is done!

  7. Cheri

    Awwww, shucks, guys! Y’all are one of the reasons this boat feels so special. It’s nice to know there’s a community to be a part of, especially at those times when you’re thinking the hard parts of the project are over and then he sends you to the 5 and dime for 4,500 toothpicks.

    At those times, just remember. It’s all Matt’s fault.

  8. Chad

    I’ve been down the same road on the same model boat. Love my U18 and love your trailer!
    Congrats and keep us posted on the progress.

  9. WoodyGal

    Hi Cheri! Congratulations on your new boat. Getting a copy of the hull card is a good thing to do, delivery date, original equipment, etc will be included in your packet for $25? Chris-Craft archives was at Christopher Newport University in Newport News VA? They have a ton of photos, advertising and original info they will copy for you. Glad you are with us!

    • Wilson

      Original catalog will tell the right color combination for that trailer. Right now it looks like it probably still has the original colors, albiet faded on it.

  10. Cameron

    On the subject of original trailers, how does this one match up to your scrutiny?

    • Wilson

      Doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen under a Chris Craft but then I may not have seen everything.

  11. Tom Gruenauer

    Cool looking trailer! Not sure if you can adjust the axles, they look a bit too far forward (front axle should be under front of engine). Just my 2 cents.

    • Cameron

      Thanks Tom and Wilson,
      This is a boat up for sale in South Africa. Not sure about the axle…