Trailer out, the boat is turning over!

It all went very well. Hope you enjoyed watching. The team nailed it and the huge party barge is flipped! There was a short time when the team needed to make sure she would flip right. Enjoy the flip here!




Mid way


Here she comes



She is 100% Over!

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23 Responses to “High Drama For 36 Minutes Of Boat Flipage!”
    • don danenberg

      Started at 3:oo Central time?, I am at Eastern Standard…,
      So…, you say I might still find LIVE FEED of Video?


  1. don danenberg

    Hmmm…, still find no video feed on 2-19-17?

    Did this ever happen?
    Why can I NOT find it?

  2. Arnie

    Is it 100% over or just 50% over? Watched it with my wife – she stated if she was going to help me flip one of my boats, it would have to be in a bigger garage. GREAT idea. Don’t ya just love it when they say something like that!!

    • Mark Christensen

      Working on getting a video of the flip at the moment. I’ll keep you updated

  3. jim g

    I’ve still got the original engine for this boat. Matt you need to convince Mark that he needs it.

      • Mark Christensen

        Jim, maybe I convert it to a twin lincoln 430 boat. 🙂 That would be awesome!! Not sure you can reverse an engine though.

        • Jim Staib

          Could have last fall. Scrapped the reverse rotation one. Your boat was available with twin 283s. 454 still king in my eyes.

  4. Gene porter

    Terrific video but hardly a “flip”; more like a.”turn” as in the old fashioned boat turn tools.

  5. Wlson

    It was an interesting watch in Florida…Came in from the beach about 4 PM and turned it on and they were just starting…Then I got caught up in it until the end…Good job !