Age is a state of mind not a number! Carlo with Chiara Ferrese, Carlo’s Granddaughter in 2012

One of the giants of the boating world is 95 young years old today. Carlo Riva the master of Riva is still going strong and can brighten up anyone that is around him. So if we can from all over the planet. Wish Carlo a Buon Compleano!


Carlo, and fellow Woody Boaters Marty Feleto, Herb hall.

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8 Responses to “Happy Birthday – Buon Compleano Carlo Riva! 95 Today!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Happy Birthday Carlo!

    This is one of my favorite pictures runs of Carlo. When he was presented with a book about the restoration of Perlita Too, the first Riva to be exported..

    (photo borrowed from the website barnfindriva)

  2. Ron Schultz

    Happy Birthday, Carlo! It seems like only yesterday that I was at your 80th birthday party in Italy. It’s an honor to have spent time with you now and again over the years. Good health and long life!

  3. Dick Dow

    All of which confirms boating and boats are good for you… Happy Birthday! 🙂