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Photo Woody Boater- Algonac

Looks like USA Today has picked up on the Woody Boat love. You can check it all out on this link to a bunch of cool photos from fellow Woody Boaters!

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Photo Wayne Davis, Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service at the helm of On Point a twin engine 25 Sportsman


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10 Responses to “USA Today, Shares The Woody Love Today!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Nice! Also great to see several familiar boats used in the photos.

  2. Alex

    Hang on. USA writes about classic C-C’s and there’s only one comment by 4:00 today? That’s big mainstream visibility news. Nice timing too. Spring is around the corner.

    • Bob B

      I can’t comment yet. I’m still looking at the pictures.

      • Old Salt

        How cool. I just came across the ad and went to tell everyone at WB but Matt beat me to it!

        • Texx

          I sent Matt the link you sent me. The person in the SP25 shooting is actually Sandra from the Wayne Davis photography crew. – Texx

          • Texx

            Dane and I were shooting from his mighty Trojan outboard that day. (Wayne Davis photo)

  3. John Rothert

    yes, I too missed this great story and the pics. Seen most of them before but neat that mainstream media did a worthwhile story on CC.
    Always cracks me up to see the factory pics…guy finishing a bottom with sealer or varnish?….right next to a crew sanding and scraping a boat…and we get all worried about DUST in our shops!
    John in Va.