Live ish from PA

Fellow Woody Boater and reporter Julie Bacon, Yes M-fine her last name is really Bacon, was headed north through Grantsville PA and at a Days Inn and ran into another Woody Boater John, headed South from Ottawa! What a fun small world we live it.


Julie’s dog wondering why mom is taking a photo of a Shepard boat.

Poqeto 4

What a cool Shepard! This year there is going to be a large collection of Canadian boats at the show.

And yes M-fine, Julie also has Bernese Mountain Dogs and shows them all over the country. Julie is a long time friend and co worker, and has her own company that helps people and businesses. She was a huge inspiration for the growth of Woody Boater and my Ad agency. You can visit her website HERE.


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6 Responses to “They’re Headed South, And East To Florida!”
    • Wilson

      Come on Jim….Boating in the 50’s and 60’s and you are talking parka….At least it wasn’t raining… Cheer up Warmer weather forcast for today and even warmer next week

  1. Troy in ANE

    Great looking Shepherd!

    Thanks for the Header Matt! I love it when you use my photos.

  2. Al Benton

    I like this header too, Troy. That’s me and Karen visiting with the Woody Boater himself last year. Wish we could be there again this year but eye doctor says “no traveling” for a while. Dang!

  3. Ed andrews

    We left at 5:30 this morning to out run the 3-6 inches they were calling for.