Chris Craft Pulls

TA DA! Drama on the high…river? Under a bridge?

It’s a cold Sunday and you might be looking around for some drama on Netflix and already seen everything. So here it is, High drama, and a new ish Chris Craft has the heat to do the job!

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7 Responses to “New…er Chris Craft Performs Heroic Job Getting Cruiser Unstuck”
  1. John Rothert

    wow, what a deal! CC really laid the power to her…
    Bad situation. Had a cleat come off instead of the rope parting…could have killed someone. Having done some pull offs in the past I always tied a wet towel onto the rope close to any cleat or tie off hardware….therefore it is all went aerial like a bullet…the flapping towel would dampen. This is dangerous stuff otherwise.
    John in Va

  2. Brian Flaherty

    That’s pretty impressive! Is it just my eyes, or does the Cruiser appear to be twisted after it is freed from the bridge?

  3. m-fine

    I was going to guess that it was Jeremy Clarkson driving the cruiser, but then I noticed the fenders/bumpers we out on both boats. I wonder why two sets of Canadians were boating on the same river in Surrey?

  4. Ronals

    Wow what an ordeal. Maybe they could have used the tug to add 15 more bystanders or more into the cruiser to lower it some in the water to help pull it out lol. Same effect as letting air out of tires to get a tractor trailer stuck under a low railroad crossing bridge lol

  5. Kentucky Wonder

    That river has a really quick current. Handling any kind of boat in that would be a challenge.

    Note how there was a band on hand playing to the end. Kinda like the Titanic. The English must really love their band music.