FLA Fir 20

Hello Sunshine!

There is nothing like walking down to the docks at 8 AM in the warmth of Florida after a winter up North. Everyone is out prepping their boats for a day on the water and in heaven. We were able to get a bazillion photos and will be sharing over the week. What, you think I am going to show you all the fun we are having. No way! I am going to remind you every day this week what you missed. you wont be able to say, phew, thats over, glad I never went. This is just a taste of Friday Morning! Now if you will excuse me, I need to run down for a boat ride at 7:30 … What are you doing. OH, thats right. Layering your cloths. SUCKERS!


Getting ready at the Full Sold out Docks

FLA Fri 8

Baby Donzi after her first dip of the season!


Tavares has done an amazing job with the area


Glacier Girl is ready.


Backing in – hands down the top boat ramp gang on the planet!

FLA Fri6

Yes it is! New GarWood Gold!

FLA Fri1

Jimmy getting Scarlet Ready. Dry as a bone and running like the day she was new!


The Brightworks gang getting their … Brightwork ..well Bright!

FLA Fri Gotta

Troy cruising in. or is he Gottago!

FLA Fri 17

Yes we are on Holiday!

FLA Fri 16

More drying

FLA Morn 1

Everyone was working! Photo Barbara Hall

FLA Morn Katz

The Katz’s Marina folks cleaning up. OK, they actually do this all day, but this was in the morning. Thats the first barrel back ever made.

FLA Fri Staib

Jim Staib brought some very cool Goodies!

FLA Fri 12

Chuck checking all the gauges for a morning run with Fox news Oralndo

Stay Tuned for more incredible goodness! Exclusive Woody Boater photos!.. Like this one of Rum Runner! Oh man oh man!

FLA Rum Runner


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20 Responses to “Morning On Lake Dora!”
  1. m-fine

    It was a crazy day yesterday. You could see the full moon mid-day at the Palm Gardens.

  2. m-fine

    Today we are celebrating the large number of Canadians that made the trip. How aboot some round bacon, eh?

  3. m-fine

    Here in WoodyBoaterVille, the emphasis is on boating safety.

    Stay seated at all times.

      • Wet and cold in Illinois

        Hey Matt come over here and take a picture. I think this is that stuff they were calling water.

  4. Woody Preston

    Wow, How did Terry Fiest get Fox news to show up.
    That sure helps our hobby. Will we be able to see any videos of that?

  5. Les Best

    Say Hi to Mike Yobe……..he’s a member of Sunnyside Chapter, and easy to find….6’8″.

  6. Dick Dow

    Let’s see, don’t stand up in small craft when underway, watch where you are going and always wear your PFD! Yeah, me neither… 😉 Wish I was there, but I have a motor to build for the Tolly. A contingent of us from the other corner are looking at joining in the fun next year, so I’ll look forward to that possibility.

  7. Rabbit

    Matt, Did you have a jacket made in the same plaid as your chairs on Wecatchem?

  8. m-fine

    Special thanks to the Manotick Classic Boat Club for distributing free hats around the lake!