Haul 1

Dead Stop, just like the canal on a warm weekend! Yikes

We milked yesterday for a half day boat ride that was amazing and then, around 2pm left for what ever lies ahead in the real world. Little did we know it would smack us in the face so soon! Welcome to I95 Northbound during Spring break. We are stopped in Florance SC and will be finishing the drive today!


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26 Responses to “The Haul Home! Where Are You?”
  1. m-fine

    I am at Orlando International, ready to board my flight north to cold weather and high taxes. Wait…why am I doing this?

  2. m-fine

    This young woman kept asking if anyone new where Mayer was. Finally she gave up and accepted a ride from someone else.

    • m-fine

      Knew, or is it gnu? Oh yeah, it’s WoodyBoaterVille where any spelling goes.

  3. Jim Staib

    Arrived home at 9:52PM last night. Cold, rainy, 1265 miles. Only to remember I turned the heat down and the house was cold too. Time to put the sandals away and go get Jaxon

  4. m-fine

    On Sunday, after all the shirts are gone and the crowds have thinned, Matt can finally relax…and scan the shoreline properties for “for sale” signs.

  5. Roberta

    Got pulled out of the water right on schedule at Tavares. Hit the road by 1:20pm. Stopped in Dalton, GA last night and should be home around 6pm.

    Great time on the St Johns river cruise and the Sunnyland boat show. Big thank you to g
    Guy and Laurie Marvin and the Sunnyland Crew.

  6. Troy in ANE

    After being sent this picture yesterday from Dr. VP J L Jam I am scowering the state of Florida for a Costco.

    • m-fine

      The NY State legislature will not allow Costco to sell those here in NY. Someone remind me why do I live here?

  7. Ranger

    We enjoyed getting OoRAH in the water Saturday and seeing old friends and some great boats. Hopefully next year we will make the whole show. Safe travels everyone!

  8. Dennis Hansen

    Great weekend at Sunnyland. Always enjoyable. We picked up a Woodyboater Tee, hat and the cool new mug. We nearly landed in a long traffic backup south of Atlanta on I-75 had it not been for Mr.Google. Not sure if we saved anytime but we took a scenic tour of the SW Atlanta suburbs and kept on moving. Hope to see you on the water, if you are in Michigan.

    • R. Harris

      Got caught in that mess. Went 7 miles in 50 minutes. I’ll fly the next time…

  9. ScottK

    Yesterday, our 10th sunrise in Florida with a view Lake Dora.
    Today, a view of cubicles and Michigan grey skies.

    In denial.

  10. Red Dog

    Today is the summer release of Bells Oberon in case (24) anyone near Mich. Is interested

  11. Wilson

    It was a great weekend…Enjoyed seeing so many I hadn’t seen in a year. I thought it was great that so many of the Smith family were there this year…and boy!..Do they know how to drive boats. !
    Had to leave around 8:30 AM for a memorial for a young friend killed in a boating accident on the Suwanee. I-75 was like a raceway but traffic moved smoothly all the way up and across I-10
    Again…Congratulations to Terry and Crew for a great show and to Terry on the Hall of Fame Award.

  12. Royce A. Humphreys

    Great times seeing old friends and enjoying fabulous weather. Flying home today with one major mishap. My Woodyboater coffee mug tumbled from my backpack and is no more…the remains are lying in the United Club receptacle. To add insult to injury, it was a edition signed by Matt. I’m calling Hagerty to file a claim.

  13. Roberta

    Stopped in Dalton, GA last night. On I57 near Mt Vernon. Should be home around 5pm..

  14. John Baas

    Roberta, stop at a Liquor Barn and pick up a bottle of White Dog for me!

  15. John Rothert

    Great show , great friends…flying was no picnic either though….only delay flight out of Orlando was mine to Richmond…home….dead tired….3 am…..wholly worth it!!!
    best to all,