FLA SAT 3Thanks…again to fellow Woody boater Jm Frechette for bringing some fun new stuff to the party. Each year Jim brings something fun and this year he delivered big time with this little Putt Putt. Named on her Hull card Alice K II. Jim found the boat on Ebay of all places with her bottom already done, but of course as Jim says, the hard top took forever to do. But it was worth it. It’s part of Chris Craft history and now part of of our little universe. It was a $95 option back in 1935.


She Putt, Putts around with her little B and its perfect! So thanks again Jim for making the culture fun and show that all sorts of boats can be fun!

Jim 1

Over here Jim!

Jim 2



Putt putt across the lake

FRI SAT Fresh2

A very nice boat that cuts through the water


Alice K II


Perfect for a rainy day across the lake

FLA Sat 2 FLA SAT 70
FLA Sat1

into the sun

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23 Responses to “One Of Our Favorite Boats – 1935 18′ Deluxe Utility With Optional Hardtop!”
  1. m-fine

    After the hard work of a photo shoot, it is time for a visit to the Palm Garden.

  2. Wilson

    Lotta folks missed her while looking at the bright red and all red plastic boat next to her….but this one had to be the cutest boat at the show….Thanks, Jim for bringing her.

  3. Jeff Rogers

    Echo Jim and Wilson’s comments. There’s no doubt he’s a Texan at heart – and while not the largest boat at the show, it was definitely eye-catching. While the triples may get all the attention, boats like this are an equally-important member of the Chris Craft (and vintage boat) family. Well done!

  4. Troy in ANE

    Alice K II got more attention than some people realized.

  5. Jim Frechette

    Great pictures!! Thank you! Makes it well worth rolling out of bed in the dark.

    • Brian Robinson

      Jim, was the chine/spray rail added after a wet water test?

      • Jim Frechette

        Brian, I have been adding bow spray rails to most boats for several years now. The first was my 25′ Sportsman. It was so wet coming down off plane we were going to name it “Old Facefull”! Dannenberg sent me a factory drawing showing how to add the spray rail so it must have been a common problem. I have added it to 3 18′ utilities since because they work so well.

    • m-fine

      Wow! So it was pretty much fully restored and only needed a varnish refresh!

  6. Dick Dow

    Gotta love old sedans – Great job Jim! That idea/model from Chris Craft was probably the inspiration for what became the best seller in the Gar Wood line up for a number of years, the 20′ “Cabin Utility”, which debuted in 1936. Here’s one awaiting restoration…

  7. Al Benton

    Jim, that B 4-banger seems to work well with no passengers on board.

    Thanks for featuring her today, Matt. As good as being there (almost).

  8. Karl Hoffman

    Chris Craft made other 18 sedans. Here is my current project. I am not to the rebuilding of the sedan roof yet. I am sure it will be interesting.

  9. Karl Hoffman

    Forgot to mention that the vintage of the above U 18 is 1940

  10. Paul H.

    I love Jim and his boats, but this purposefully designed example of CC’s depression era function before form approach reminded me of a story.

    In 1988 Karen and I resolved to acquire a cat, and at the pet store we were confronted with the usual array of cuteness and perfect, fuzzy little specimens. However, we were drawn to one particular kitten who was all by himself. He had a stubby, deformed tail and nobody loved him. He was sad and lonely in the display case with the others and quite obviously the runt of the litter – even his siblings rejected him. Of course, we chose him and this crouch gated, stubby tailed misfit became a great pet for us – unfortunately for only 10 years until he developed an untreatable disease.

    This oddly proportioned and styled boat recalled for me our little cat Banquo. Thanks Jim!

  11. Don Vogt

    Great analogy, Paul. This thing is a little campy, but it does reflect the utilitarian approach before streamline designing caught up with cc a couple years later. I don’t recall ever seeing one of these but it is an interesting contrast to the later optional “ventilating cabin”. In any event, no doubt a labor of love by Jim, and it is important to have examples of all of these models around.