Costa Plenti

There is enough in this culture to spend money on. Fun should be free! BTW Best name ever – Lake Dora

Every now and then our email feed breaks. It’s a function of the back end of the site being updated! For some reason the email feed just stops and we need to go into it and update it. The updates happen automatically so we don’t know. But a funny thing happens, I now know it’s gone bad because we get a bunch of donations. People think that we some how cut them off because they did not subscribe. There is no subscription. We are free to everyone because we want everyone to have exposure to the culture. Its’ the reason we started Woody Boater, and would never charge anyone. Now, we do rely on support, Donations and sponsorship’s, but only if you feel like it’s a value to you. We always want to earn that. So, if your email feed doesn’t come to you its for one of two reasons. One our story was too late in the day to reach the 8AM deadline, or the site was updated. Hope this helps!

Lake Dora Smiles

Now get out there!

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12 Responses to “Woody Boater Is Free For A Reason!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Costa Plente on Dunn’s Creek, part of the 2017 St. Johns River Southbound Cruise.

  2. Danny B

    Costa Plente’s owners are super nice folks and have a fun story to go go with her.

  3. Troy in ANE

    I would like to challenge everyone to set up a monthly donation thru Pay Pal and help Matt finance this en devour.

  4. Moosemeat

    The name comes from the Three Stooges. You may recall the episode when Curley wins a radio contest and the boys think they’re rich. They check into the hotel Costa Plente which soaks them for every dime they’ve got.
    Sounds about right to me.
    BTW the cruise was great.

  5. m-fine

    Speaking of free, I have a free tree for firewood. All you have to do is come and get it!

    • floyd r turbo

      Oh my, is that what you came back to after attending Sunnyland Show? Hope damage was minimal.

      • m-fine

        No, that happened yesterday afternoon. Damage seems incredibly minor given the size of the thing. Jake from State Farm has not called yet, but Wanda from USAA is on the case.