Full Throttle T

Full Throttle back by popular demand!

Just in time for your springtime splash down! The Stuff Store is Open. We ran out of a lot of stuff in Florida. So the store is not as packed as normal. We remade the navy blue t shirts and the Full Throttle. There will be hats, just not yet. And we have coffee cups!

Varnish Love cup

Large and in charge!

These are fantastic cups and sold two cases of them in two days at Lake Dora. So enjoy! And get out there. Its getting warmish this weekend!

Stuff store image

White was not a huge seller so we did not make those again

Stuff store header

Alan from Lake Hopatcong sporting a Navy Varnish Lovers T! The blue accents the red mahogany! – Photo Bob Kays


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5 Responses to “The Woody Stuff Store Is Open!”
  1. Bjorn B

    Putting in an official request for a re-run of the the yellow long sleeve woodiebabe shirt!

  2. RH in Indy

    I would also love to have a yellow long sleeve Woodie Babe shirt. I love my cushion!