exit world4

Elusive out for a run with buddys

This video went live yesterday and with in seconds was making the email link rounds and a couple shares on Facebook. Its amazing and about the coolest footage out there. The race boat gang up north clearly had a blast out there as I am sure as did the production company. Exit World. Exit World is the real deal and does film for the Thousand Island Club and Grand Banks Yachts. The film is called Elusive and has no credits on it, or a reason that it was shot. Maybe for the Thousand Island Club, or maybe a personal project. Either way, its amazing and for sure shows the magic of the Thousand Islands in a very sexy way!


The Thousand Islands are a perfect setting for classic boating

Exit world 2

This year if you go to Clayton to the big show, you can live just like this. Hey, one can dream!

Update- This wonderful video was a rough cut! By a fantastic editor Mitchel Eugene and Reed Price arranged the gathering of the boats together. For now he would like to use what footage to promote the Thousand Islands wood boat restorations. Thanks guys.

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42 Responses to “The Short Video That Will Make You Want To Go Woody Boating In The Thousand Islands!”
  1. Jack Schneiberg

    Well…..not only Woody Boating in those islands but Woody Boating in those boats in those islands. The magic of wood and calm waters and drones………………….

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Six boats and a great group of Michigan chapter WoodyBoaters will be cruising the 1000 Islands in July. This video has us even more pumped to get there!

  3. Rabbit

    Now that was a thing of beauty. The hobby needs more of this.

  4. Wlson

    Wow ! Looks like a lotta fun in some beautiful boats in a beautiful area. Makes me want to tear up what’s on today’s calendar and go play with the boat.

  5. Speedboat Outlaw

    One of the best videos ever, couldn’t cut and paste the address fast enough!! A magic area.

  6. floyd r turbo

    Big boats, blondes, and booze (and Boldt Castle), doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve watched this so many times trying to find out who’s in the gentleman’s race boat with the “A”? on the side of the hull at 00:24 and 01:30 because he likes the throttle. It just leaps out of the water in the background at 00:24. You sure want to know where you’re going in those islands, there are so many hidden shoals. Well done

    • Tom

      The boat is called Patriot and is owned by Jeff Senecal. It is a reproduction Ventnor. Yes he drives it hard and has fun with it. At the Clayton show a couple of weeks earlier he sheared his rudder off.

      The morning cruise was organized by Mark Mason for all the Gold Cup boats at the Race Boat Regatta. The morning started off in pea soup fog as we were only able to idle from Clayton to Bonnie Castle in Alexandria Bay for our scheduled breakfast. If you think navigating the 1000 Islands is difficult try it in the fog. After breakfast the skies cleared and the fun began. The credit goes to Reed Price who shot the video from the front seat of Elusive. Anybody that can control a drone at 40+ mph in my books is good. Also landing it on a moving boat takes extreme skill.
      The other boats in the film are left to right Lady Shores, Impshi, Patriot, Marguerite, Elusive, Baby Gar , and following the pack Saltana. There were a few other boats that had to head back to Clayton that missed out on the tour of the islands.
      On Sunday we decided to have an impromptu International run pictured below are Peter Cavill in Marguerite from Australia, Keith Kipp and myself in Lady Shores from Canada and Mark Mason and his grandson Clayton in Impshi representing the USA. A video of the run is posted on YouTube, for those interested viewing it here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feynKicxFFE

      • Tom

        I forgot to add the photo credit to long time Woody Boater John Kadimik.

    • Troy in ANE

      floyd I keep going back to 00:24 and it looks to me like he is jumping the wake of G – 36.

      Love the flag flying over the boat as she leaps out of water.

  7. Troy in ANE

    What a GREAT video! Makes me want to get Kent O. Smith Jr. to come back up to Cobbossee this summer with his drone for some video fun.

    I have always been concerned that the Thousand Islands did not get warm enough for bikinis. I am glad to know that is not the case.

  8. John Rothert

    great vid….music sucked….but I am old…..

    John in Va. going boating: no audio around….

  9. jimmuh

    Great camera work, even better post-production work!….whoever choose the audio should be barred from the studio!!!
    (though in their defense, visual capture (drones) is way advanced over audio capture….)

  10. Brian Robinson

    I like the music. That’s the song in the opening credits of Gone In 60 Seconds. Sorry every boat video song can’t be one by Glenn Miller.

    • Troy in ANE

      I like the music too and I am old like John in VA. Maybe I am just young at heart.

    • Wilson


      String of Pearls or Moonlight Serinade would have suited some of ole timers better

    • m-fine

      George Carlin did a bit on the 7 words you can say on WoodyBoater back in the early 70’s. If that is not it, something automated may be picking you up as SPAM. I don’t think there are any humans patrolling comments and consciously deleting them given the size of the technical team.

      • Tom

        I never used one of the seven words. I did however explain how and who were in the video. I also attached a picture of three gold cup boat getting ready for a Sunday International run. Perhaps it was a link to the You Tube video that was shot from my Go Pro mounted on the deck of one of those boats. Anyways it was removed and I won’t bother to repost it here.

        • Troy in ANE


          When you put in a link to anything in a comment it goes into Moderation until it gets approved. Matt being, a busy guy, often takes some time before he sees that there are comments that need approval. I see your comment now.

  11. charley quimby

    Would be great to have a group of G-boats to run the Patuxent River from Solomons to Benedict and back. Good water all the way… Who knows? A little publicity in the right direction and it could happen. Right now I am the only G-boat in the area as far as I know. Gets lonely out there amid all the wake boarders and wave runners. Just sayin’. CQ

    • Wilson

      Maybe we could get some classic offshore racers and recreate the years of Jim Wynne and Dick Bertram

  12. floyd r turbo

    That knob on your computer sound system is called volume, use it if you’re not happy with what’s coming out of the speakers – just sayin’. As mentioned previously, drones are primarily video and sound is the next added dimension as Reed Price with the production company posted in my query, if they ever get the chance again with all the boats, weather, and stars aligned, he would gladly add that wonderful sound we all quest.

  13. m-fine

    Hmmm, what is going to be stuck in my head all week?

    Green sally up and green sally down
    Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground

    Green sally up and green sally down
    Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground

    Green sally up and green sally down
    Lift and squat, gotta tear the ground

    Old Miss Lucy’s dead and gone
    Left me here to weep and moan

  14. RiverRat

    I could tell at the header. This is God’s boating country. Home all my life, the wellspring of my most basic motivations. Down River is where all the lapstrakes are but I will never tell. Come find us. You have hit me where I live. Thanks to all.

  15. John Baas9

    The video was awesome. Could have been so much better with real music.

  16. Rich

    Great video! LOVE the music. I think it captures the feel of the river perfectly, especially during that early morning fog. Fantastic job!

  17. John Rothert

    Oh yeah…I turned the sound off….and not hoping for Glen Miller…NOT THAT OLD….but maybe Glen L?…naw he was a boat guy not a musician…..how about Chuck Berry? Now that vid would have been SWEET with maybeline…

    John in Va. Went boating yesterday

    • Dennis Mykols

      I think “Still Cruisin” by the Beach Boys would be fitting, Old G Boats still out there runnin hard…

  18. Chris

    That was awesome! And I think the music fits the video nicely.

  19. Kent Volmerding

    You are inspiring me to work harder!! My dream is to be at 2018 Race Boat Reggetta in Clayton and participate. Then stay for the week and do a fly by the Bolt Castle!!!
    Final assembly in progress!!