CCABC SiteIf you are on Facebook, or for that fact, on the interneter machine these days, you no doubt see that many of the classic boat gang has woken up to social media. This is a great thing and hopefully will help raise awareness of our beloved passion. After all, “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” We are happy to see the ACBS turning up the heat and harvesting stories form the local chapters and generating daily content now. That will go a huge way to increasing traffic. Also the largest marque club in the culture the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club has redone there website and its real and spectacular!

OK, are you now back reading this? Really? OK then. you really have the Woody boat bug bad! Anyway, back to the internet. On facebook, there are some fantastic group sites, but clearly the winner is Mahogany Hot Rods. Its very active, fun and the photos are fantastic.

Mahogany Hot rods

On Instagram there are a bunch of great folks slamming it. Just look around if you are an instagramer.  Like the Ramsey Bros

Social boats

Bob Kays updates several times a day!

Bobs Instagram

and Jameson Bradford  to name a few.

Social 2

Local ACBS chapters have found there person who understands Facebook in there clubs to keep the groups informed. If you really want to see one that is fast and busy, the Michigan Group is very active. And they are fun energized people.

So here is to a fantastic community and all that you are doing to make this a robust and fun passion, even if we are not in our boats!

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10 Responses to “Classic Boats Have Finally Found Social Media. Woohoo!”
  1. Sunday Funday

    Great! I’ve made it this far without FakeBook and now you show me Mahogany Hot Rods.

  2. Wilson

    I thought I could learn all I need to know just by dialing in Woody Boater each day…Now you tell me I need to learn Face Book ?

  3. Troy in ANE


    of or like a spectacle; marked by or given to an impressive, large-scale display.
    dramatically daring or thrilling:
    (from Dictionary dot com)

  4. Garry

    1. How many hours a day in front of a mac/phone does all this take?
    2. I have plenty other to dos!
    3. Rather be playing with the boat!

  5. John Rothert

    Yawn…… just another site to check in the overload of info…great stuff…but I will just go boating.

    John in Va.

  6. Captain Nemo

    Too bad, traffic on “The Buzz” has died on the CCABC website. I real have no use for “Fakebook”. A sad day indeed.

  7. Bill

    “Real and Spectacular”.
    Must be a reference to her teeth…..?