junk trunk1


As you may be aware we have been doing some stories on how you can get into classic boats in an affordable way. Now, normaly we are talking about small outboards and stuff. But this gas sucker on ebay is rare and could be a cool boat to bring to the shows. This very cool Correct Craft is part of boating history and needs to be used and cleaned up a bit. Or not and just run it and bring it to your local show. I understand some may start having under $5K categories!

junk trunk 3

Rare and cool outdrive

junk trunk6

Thats some kinda scoop on the aft there

junk trunk2

There she is! Thats some early outdrive action that needs to be at a show

junk trunk header

Fun and fast


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11 Responses to “It’s Rare, It’s Under $5K And It’s Got Some Junk In The Trunk!”
  1. Bill Anderson

    Yap, I ended up with this boat to dissolve a partner ship locally,, good boat needs deck varnished, I don’t need it and going to lower reserve 2700 to, ,just tuned up,,it doesn’t fit in,I need room the collection,,by the way you can see the collection with out buying the boat,,,but you will get a full tour if you do,,Bill

    • Mike U

      Bill, I’d love to stop by and see your collection – I’m about 30 minutes away. I’ll buy lunch – Green Gables or Lake Road Inn?

  2. Matt

    Oh hell ya! The tour is worth the price alone! Bill is one of the top collectors on the planet. Take a drool cup and goggles to keep your eyeballs in your head

  3. John Rothert

    I hate a stern drive but that is so weird and ugly that it is very cool! Good price, looks like a runner to me.

    John in Va.

  4. Brian Robinson

    Clay, you are have to do better than that. Texx just gave away a perfect Leak n Sink for free.

    You might have to pay someone to take this one.

  5. Verne

    This is a ’64 Eaton outdrive. Parts for them are very scarce but they have a unique feature!

  6. Troy in ANE

    Very cool boat!

    Really though don’t most all Correct Crafts have “Tude”?

  7. Ksh1

    What are the specifics on this boat? Length, weight, engine, running conditions etc?