Gun holder!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Thomas Frye who send in this cool idea about using a gun case for a soft holder for your Bow and stern poles. I always wonder where all the nicks and scratches come from on mine until I figured out it was the trailering around and abuse they get while not even being used. This is a great way to go and can be done today by going down to the Sports shop.

Pack the heat! Maybe paint FLAGS all over it! HA

Now, with all that’s going on in the world, you may consider how you show up to the boat shows with one of these around your shoulder. Yikes, what could possibly go wrong? Eeesh.

OK, its been done! Lake Dora 2016

So back to normal land, it is a cool idea and practical. In taking a a gun case to a show sorta way.


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25 Responses to “Cool Idea To Hold Your Bow/Stern Flag Poles. No NRA Membership Required!”
  1. m-fine

    Are we then expected to put our guns in a guitar case?

  2. Jon H

    For even a bit more protection, I use a hard plastic gun case with inner ‘egg shell’ foam padding. This foam keeps the bow pole and stern pole from banging together within the case. Only about $20-$30.

  3. Roberta

    I carry my gun in a violin case. LOL Another idea could be to use a case for billiard cues for smaller poles.

  4. Chad

    Now where do I put my guns?

    I use a hard plastic drafting tube like below. Foam stuffed into the base and top so it doesn’t wiggle around.

  5. Tim Robinson

    Are you nuts? Carrying a rifle case around a public gathering (boat show) is asking for a police shake down. Great idea for storage but don’t carry it down to the docks. Just saying…

    • Rick

      Guess I should stop carrying gas down to the boat in glass containers with a rag stuffed in the top to keep it from spilling too?

    • Tom

      Just to clear up the concern about showing up to a boat show with a gun case. It is only a storage/carry case. Trailer the boat to the show, take the bow and stern pole out the case. Put them in or on the boat. Leave the case in the vehicle.

    • Carl Garmhaus

      Oh Yeah, I’m carrying it down the dock. Great Idea, I was thinking of a map case, but this is a lot more interesting.

  6. Wilson

    Sound like good ideas….
    Surprised nobody mentioned The Brass Bell arrived earlier this week….Lotta interesting stuff in this one.

    • Rick

      I’m surprised it isn’t hand delivered to you on a silver platter with dinner mints. You deserve it. I know I’m still waiting, don’t think my mailman is done with it yet.

      • Wilson

        Well,thank you….but what I did was long ago and those who have come after ceratinly have improved on my efforts

        • Ron in PNW

          Wilson, I would like to propose a suggestion for a correction to your comment. I don’t think anyone could improve upon your effort. Yes, the fine people at CCABC also make a fantastic effort. The better product you see is a result their effort and technology. It truly deserves landmark status.
          Please, just sit back, and take credit for being a legacy in our world! You deserve the Silver Platter and more!

  7. Ollon

    Holy cow. I can just see it now. The SWAT team rolls up to the docks to disarm the militia. “Sir step away from the Ensign, is that Burgee loaded?” Works good though if you cant afford to go to the Dr. You’ll get a full body x-ray and psychological eval, and if you mention ISIS you’ll get a free colonoscopy.

  8. floyd r turbo

    Vector Pool Cue Soft case MSRP $19.95 but discounted to $12.95 on billiard sites,

  9. John Baas

    Is that a stern pole in your gun case or are you just happy to see me?

  10. MikeM

    Boat shows are going to have to start paying judges if boats start showing up with gun cases. Just sayin’

    I just roll mine up in a towel. Start with the stern pole and roll the bow pole in once I’m around the stern pole, tuck the ends like a burrito, throw on floor, motor on.

    • m-fine

      You should be a lot more concerned when we show up with guitar or violin cases!

  11. Captain Nemo

    When was the last time someone had been shot by a gun case? Some may tend to overreact.
    Brillant idea!

    • Chris in SC

      Captain Nemo

      When was the last time someone had been shot by a gun case? Some may tend to overreact.
      Brillant idea!
      June 8th, 2017


  12. Dick Hansen

    Good grief!!! Can’t we all just accept a good idea?