Ya, ya, tires, safety, all that. Our GRAVES PLATING Chrome just arrived. Is there anything more glorious than a box being delivered. WHEN PROMISED! Yup. There is the Box in all its glory. What treasure lies inside? Gold, Silver? No CHROME! Stay tuned as WECATCHEM comes together and fingers crossed we make the Lake Hopatcong show in two weeks! We now return you to Retire talk! STAY TUNED as we unpack the Chrome! Hey! It’s news. Not like Paris Hilton goes shopping news, But just as big.

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8 Responses to “Breaking News – We Interrupt The Life Saving Story On Tires To Report Our Chrome Has Arrived!”
  1. Chad

    How do you know it’s for WECATCHEM if you don’t unpack it? Could be the chrome for a 1994 Sea Ray…

  2. Peter Mueller

    Got my plating back from Graves yesterday. Always the same, PERFECT.

  3. Kentucky Wonder

    That Paris Hilton photo above reminds me of a music video from the 80s…..back when MTV was actually Music Television. Everybody Have Fun Tonight!

  4. Matt

    It may take some time. I want to roll around in it for sure.

  5. thomas d

    I use a little “mom and pop” shop in Memphis Tennessee for all my chrome work, Memphis Chrome. Keith does excellent chrome at a affordable price.