Cool vintage golf cart! Thanks to Tyson Konecny for sharing the pain.

Got a caption? You know you do. Its been a week, so i suppose everyone sees the humor in it that it happened to. Maybe not. We sure do! Let her rip!

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39 Responses to “And This Happened! Got A Caption?”
  1. Jake from State Farm

    It happened July 11, 2017 and Farmers was there.

  2. Arnie

    Is this still McGiver week? Couldn’t find the gangplank so McGiver came up with this!

  3. Walt

    One of Evil Kneivil’s lesser known stunt jumps after he retired from motorcycle jumps.

  4. Old Salt

    My golfing friend said… “Hope it didn’t damage the cart!!”

  5. Tommyholm

    Proof that one either golfs or boats and not both. P.s. Texx is alive?

    • Texx

      Alive and well Tommy. Will need groceries soon from my favorite country store.

  6. Rick

    That’s correct, Your Honor. No charges will be laid against the boat owner. We have classed it as Justifiable Homicide.

  7. Randy

    … pull ahead another 3-feet and I’ll get it tied down.

  8. John Rothert

    two shot penalty and a free drop….on land please.

    John in Va.

  9. Glen

    “I told you the Riva color scheme would look cool in your boat. Believe me now?”

  10. Kentucky Wonder

    There is a 1947 Greavette named No Golf Today. I wonder if someone was trying to prove it wrong. Or right.

    That color scheme on the cart reminds me of a Fiat Jolly. All it needs is a frilly canvas top instead of the hardshell roof.

  11. Andy in Middletown

    The wife said it was either golf or boating. Both took up TOO MUCH time, she never saw him anymore. He HAD to choose one or the other. You CAN’T do both she said…

    After 45 years if marriage, for George it wasn’t an ultimatum, it was a challenge.

  12. Rick

    Ok so golf course, classic wood and a trailer park. Which one doesn’t belong?

  13. Wudzgud

    Had the bow tied off but needed to tie of the stern and no more line. So I MacGyver’d it.
    Ta dah!

  14. Mike

    “You’ve got golf cart in my woody boat.” No, you’ve got woody boat in my golf cart.” From the makers of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, we present …. the “Amphicart”.

  15. Chip

    Add a golf cast and, voila, the world’s first hybrid Century!!

  16. John

    Do you think the result of this union will be little Aqua Cars?