Well, the Albany Boat Brochure sold in about two seconds. Leaving the day a bit lost. So here is another little rare gem. An aluminum Race head for a K. Now, lets see if 700 bucks is the right price. We have one on Stinky and I have been told it will go bad. They all did. So if this sucker sells for 700 bucks. Woohooo! Now, that may sound disparaging towards this head. NO WAY! If you have a bad ass show boat with a KA in it, or like me an HA, then this is the set up. You have no choice and 700 bucks aint nuthn but points. So here ya have it.

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8 Responses to “Aluminum Race Head On Ebay! How Long Will This Last?”
  1. no food on Ebay-con

    This is killing me. I haven’t had bacon for hours!

  2. Texx

    The man (Mendel Ledington) that started Cyclone Performance parts in SoCal and manufactured this cylinder head was the original owner of “CYCLONE” my 1952 Chris-Craft 18′ Riviera (thus the name).

    He primarily manufactured cast aluminum performance parts for flathead Ford V8s, but manufactured these heads for both M & K series Hercules marine engines. Long story… – Texx

  3. m-fine

    Thanks for the background Texx! It seems like a flathead would be easy enough to cast and machine, what doesn’t hold up on them?

    • Texx

      I know of a few M powered Chris-Craft boats that are still successfully using their Cyclone cylinder heads. They were first developed for high altitude lakes in California such as Big Bear, Arrowhead and of course Lake Tahoe. Owners wanted higher compression ratios for improved high elevation performance on those old Hercs.

      The problem they had was that the early aluminum castings Cyclone was producing (in very small numbers) were hit and miss in terms of valve seats, dimensions, etc. The ones still in use today are the “good” castings.

      During the late 40’s and early 50’s a number of SoCal companies (Edelbrock, Navarro, Isky, etc) were producing performance products for the hot rod hobby. Many of those products are still in use today. – Texx

  4. Texx

    Hercules “M” Cyclone cylinder head in Chris-Craft Racing Runabout.

  5. Texx

    One more shot of an original Cyclone M cylinder head currently being used in a Racing Runabout (then) owned by Jim Thorpe in Idaho.

  6. Matt

    THAT IS AS COOL AS IT GETS! DAMMMMM! Thanks for the updates and info. My bid finger is twitching.

  7. m-fine

    Thanks again Texx! I figured it was to reduce weight, but increased compression makes a lot of sense on these engines with higher octane fuels.