Elco ” Wenona” at Halls Boats

The good folks at Halls Boats on Lake George and Elco are part of go Green movement, and run around the Lake in an Elco, also restoring them and keeping them going to show quality standards. Today we will feature several to show that you can go green in style.

Wenona’s Original Owner Bishop Ernest Stires out being snazzy on the Lake.

Elco has a long history of bringing class and elegance to boating, and today might even be more relevant and needed. Here is why. There are a ton, of small lakes in Suburban areas around the country that only allow Electric powered boats. Those are usually pontoon boats and AHHHHHHH! If you care about how your boat looks at the dock on your little lake, a pontoon boat aint gonna do the trick. BUT, a cool Elco would be the trick. In fact, you could probably rent the thing out for events on the lake and just have wonderful parities on board and laugh at the pontoon people out there in there ordinaryness.

“The Green Machin” Elco Cruiser restored by Halls!

Am I being too snobby? NO! This isn’t snobbery, it’s care, and respect for the water and the lake you’re on. No one wants to see that Mini van on the water. My god man, grow a pair and class up to an Electric Elco! And if your wife complains, that’s okay, cause all the “pontooner” housewives on the lake will lust after you. So what you have lost half your hair and wear socks with your boat shoes, you’re a snazzy Elco Man.

Snazzy dudes on the “St Louis”.

The St Louis had a little ..okay, Major work done at Halls. That’s some snazzy work!

Classic red jacket and Elco perfection. That could be you!

There is more Elco coolness at Halls. Steve’s boat WENONA and her restoration photos.

Wenona – Halls Owner Steve Lamando’s personal Elco

Wenona -Elco under restoration at Halls.

Beats the crap out of a Pontoon doesn’t it?

The Motor

Details not found on a Pontoon boat!

Come on, just click here and start being a man! Or Woman with some tude. Just think of all the hunky men that will say, wo! Check out that Elco Moma on that cool cruiser. See it works both ways. Either way, find that electricity back in the marriage, plug in your power and represent Woody Boater on your little electric lake, or Huge Lake, after lLake George isn’t just any lake, and more and more lakes are starting to think green!

Here is a cool video of the history of Elco if you want to know more.


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14 Responses to “Electric Powered Elco’s – Go Green And Be The Snazziest On Your Lake!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    The video says that Hennry Ford owned an Elco. I wonder what he named it since Evangeline is already taken? Would it sell for $1M?

    • Brian Robinson

      Clara Ford’s Elco was the ‘Callie B’. She was said to be quite fond of it. It is the boat they kept at their Fairlane estate boathouse.

  2. Warren

    If you are ever in the Dorset, Ontario area and want to ride in an electric powered boat, check out http://www.ssbigwin.com. It is a restored / converted from steam to electric bigger sized boat. I believe it has an Elco motor.

    • Troy in ANE

      Actually Matt “Electra” was originally owned by the Reed family and now owned by the Hippler family. What are you trying to say?

  3. m-fine

    The problem with electric boats is they are so quiet that you can hear your wife talking to you. If they could make one that sounds like Miss America IX, it could be a huge hit.

  4. Jim Staib

    Must be high class. I see the wicker sisters in several.
    You’d get run over in one on a weekend here on the Chain-o-lakes.

  5. Dennis J Mykols

    There is a company that started up this summer in the West Michigan town of Saugatuck, that rents 50’s and 60’s vintage early fiberglass boats with period correct outboards. The kicker is, he converts the old outboards to electric power !!! Since the waterways in this busy tourist town is all no wake, it is a big hit so far. Visit John’s amazing venture here at http://www.retroboatrentals.com. I plan to do a story on this new business this fall.

  6. Sean

    The Canadian Electric Boat Company out of Quebec makes a nice electric 22 that claims 72mph and drips in classic style. You can even water ski behind it. They make other models too, and claim some with an 8 hour range. One issue… you wouldn’t know it by looking but, they’re fibreglass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Aks4BeDIH0

  7. Sean

    This Bruce 22e electric boat was at the Toronto International Boat Show in 2013… Made in Quebec but, have dealers in California and Florida.

  8. Chris in SC

    m-fine, I actually just laughed out loud when I read your comment!

  9. Martin

    Our family had had this Elco for 20 years. I used to think it was the most boring thing that ever floated. They are very enjoyable, I guess we all mellow with time and age.