Plaid Rocket Seat Cushion

To start things out, we all know how this may go down….. the dark rabbit hole of obscure references, Troy will no doubt post a girl in a Tartan and we are all back to normal after the last gasping of 2017. But what the heck, gotta kiss alotta frogs to find your Prince. Now, the plaid Rocket is getting close and will be in Florida for the Lake Dora show. Remember, we are looking forward beyond Winter now. We are on Florida time. 114ish Days! Anyway, back to plaid and Rockets. Couple things to consider in the naming.

1. It’s a Chris Craft Rocket

2. Its the oldest known Rocket out there. #004 or something like that

Will have White seams

3. It has a yellow Bottom and Green bilge

4. Its 17 feet and fast

5. Oh, almost forgot. HAS A PLAID INTERIOR!

Green Bilge

There it is

That’s it. Alan Johnson will be at Katzs Marina this week to slap your name on the back of this plaid sucker. Will it be your name?

Okay lets get this started, just spit balling here, running some names up the flagpole.

Miss Plaidy McPlaidy

Thayer XVIII

Scot Rocket



Tartan Time


Anyway, you get the idea. Have fun, thats is what its all about.

Put your name right here!

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85 Responses to “Plaid Rocket Update. She Needs A Name.”
  1. Tom McGowan

    Beam Me Up

    or, for those who would not get the point with just that much,

    Beam Me Up Scotty

  2. Troy in ANE

    If we are going to play this game we might as well use Gwen Stefani.

    I’m thinking “Scotty Rockets”!

  3. John Rothert

    “Well Plaid” = the best of the best so far…..
    “Plaid Lad” if she might be a he?

    John in Va. Going McBoating…..

  4. @woodardwooden

    Caber Toss – dressed in plaid throwing around some large wood.

  5. Old Salt

    Forever Plaid (also a broadway show)
    Checkered Past
    Weave me alone!

  6. Tim Robinson

    Flash or Flash Gordon. With old style rocket under the name same as used in the TV show.

  7. MikeM

    I like Checkered Past

    MFine, with all the pent up emotion regarding this boat, is that the best you can do?

      • m-fine

        NO WAY! Bacon doesn’t just taste fantastic, it also smells great, makes an awesome sizzling sound and LOOKS GOOD too! I could certainly see naming a 20’Custom or another attractive boat BACON, but this hideous mess would be more aply names “Spoiled Haggis”

    • m-fine

      Yes! I can’t think about it for any amount of time or with any clarity. It is so ugly it makes my head hurt.

  8. WoodyGal

    What an opportunity!
    Toot’n Tartan, Tartanater, Tartanic? Probably not…

  9. m-fine

    A few more for Mayer…

    Butter Upholstery

    Burnt Retinas

    Designer’s Regret

    If the transom is big enough to fit “My Dog Ate a Box of Crayons and then Deficated on My Seats” if not, simply Crayola.

    Original Mistake

    Bad Acid

    The Boat That Makes an Arabian Look Good


    Losta Bet

    Born Ugly

    • Mike K

      why would you drag the arabian into this, arabian has some of the best lines of plastic boats, we were fortunate to have one growing up in the 70’s, what a great ski boat back then.

      • m-fine

        The Arabian comment is an old WoodyBoater joke from the face off between Mike’s Arabian and Alex’s XK. It doesn’t represent my actual views on Arabians.

    • Tom

      m-fine that’s why I called it FUGLY ! F$%^k&*G UGLY.

      My mother always said “some people’s taste is only in their mouths.”

      • m-fine

        Yes, it is fugly, well not totally. She is actually a nice boat, Butter Upholstery…

  10. John Rothert

    lot to be said for “Chris Cross”!

    But I am mostly with M-fine…..

    John in Va.

  11. Ollon

    Mad Rocket – Scottish slang for crazy or
    Affy Boot – Scottish for awful ugly woman

  12. Johnny V.

    I’ll vote for “Checkered Past” too. Bring it to Keuka next year and take a ride past M-Fine’s place-I’ll hear the howls on the other side of the Bluff! (all in fun Matt!)

    • m-fine

      LOL, I will have a battery of cannons ready to defend myself from the attack by sea!

  13. Don Palmer

    I was going to say “Butt Ugly” (referring to the plaid), but let me be more biblical and go with “hinder parts ugly” ! Ouch

  14. Dane

    81 comments and no one used the photo Matt provided?
    No matter what it gets named, I’ll call it the M-Fine.

  15. Matt

    Good lord! What a fun day, Huge traffic spike and glad to see the community out for some fun. Of course we are going to play this out and make the big reveal once its lettered this week.

  16. Jason

    I love this string! I’ll maybe use the runner up name for D17-005 the next oldest rocket. The Spaceballs reference was the first to come to mind, however “Checkered Past” gets my vote.