Get all that nasty stuff off you dirty boat!

Don’t think washing a boat can be exciting? Well, read on! I will add, it’s not the size of your sponge, but taking your time, and caressing your craft with love and tenderness. Maybe talk to with your loved one while filling the bucket, and spraying the hose?

Your relationship can be fun on dry land as well.

Maybe offer to pick her up near the water. Don’t just wait at the top of the ramp and honk your horn.

The good stuff happens at the barn!

Soapy warm suds.

Oh polishing that Graves Plating Chrome!

We even shot this video.

That was good! Smoke anyone?

Safe in the barn – wait, you’re watching that video again arn’t you?

Still watching the video? I could post a photo of a my pretty pony and you would not even notice

So sad!

And since we are equal opportunity offenders, here is a vintage Pepsi Commercial for our Women readers.

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9 Responses to “Washing Your Boat Can be Much More Interesting If You Use Your Imagination.”
  1. Wilson

    …and the bible says we are not worthy to pick up the crumbs under the table…..but that’s the part, that some of us who can’t cook, do best, including washing dishes and now boats….and in time that leads to waxing old cars…

  2. John Rothert

    OK….so I checked the video……

    “what we have here….is a failure to communicate” !!

    John in Va

  3. warren

    Matt , if you aren’t careful , you’ll be the next Media big-un to be accused of harassment. You can be assured it won’t be Troy nor I to turn you in though!!!LOL

  4. floyd r turbo

    “Oh, lawd, whatever I done wrong, don’t strike me blind for the next few minutes”. “You got your mind right yet?”