Sweet Thing!

1974 was the year that brought us those ungodly bumpers and smog crap that ruined car ownership for at least two decades. And looks like it did some damage to the boating world as well. But time has a way of romancing ugly into cool. And the uglier, the cooler the stuff becomes. And today my fellow Woody Boaters, we feature exhibit A in that case.

Its that bad yet so good 1970’s yellow, which is a notch better than Avocado, and according to the seller. ” It Miranders” HA, what a wonderful way of saying Slug. But everything in that year was like a swim in ice cold water.

Yeah! But! And here is the Big But! This thing is cool as hell, and you know Dollars to Doughnuts that if you showed up to Lake Dora with this, you would own the show. Its the ultimate party fun boat, AND looks cool. You could get some too tight shorts and a sleeveless T, maybe grow a mustache and be a king! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

Now, lets talk about what will be the Elephant in the room. $4,990… I know, I know, too some of you these classic plastic things should all be give aways. A simple google search and we find several in the $300 -$2500 range. But this one is sweet…looks in great shape.

And we here in the classic boat world have a tendency to want to buy stuff for nothing and then are shocked that people may just want to make some of the money back. So the price is realistic for a cool boat. But thats all in the eye of the beholder. It will be interesting to see if this little Sweet Meandering Thing sells. We certainly hope so, and you bring it to a show. And win a Sweet award.


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23 Responses to “1974 Skeeter! Yeah, It’s A Sweet Thing. No Really, That’s The Model Name. Really!”
  1. Dan T

    That’s hilarious! Love the add. The guy driving is perfect for the Sweet Thing. It’s got it all going on. Babe in the bow, water skier attached, drunk friend lounging on the deck. Ultimate ridiculous party boat!

  2. steve in the woods

    Actually, they performed well as I remember. But, the “Deck Boat” brand was a better rig. Friends had one with 120 hp io that would pull 3 sloloms!

  3. Wudzgud

    Someome stole the sign to Woodyboaterville and replaced it with Plasticville.

  4. m-fine

    By meandering I would gues he means that it doesn’t like to drive straight. I can’t imagine a 900 lb hull with 120 hp is sluggish.

    As for the looks, at least they had the good sense not to give it plaid seats.

  5. Dave Nau

    I like fiberglass, but I agree with Matt, the 70’s produced some pretty strange stuff. But this is somehow cool, It’s better than a pontoon boat.

  6. kw

    I think my partner was ahead of game with ugly flat deckers with this 1968 hydrodyne flat top

  7. John Rothert

    oh hell yeah! That thing is perverse cool….

    Nice day in ole VA….going boating!

    John in Va.

  8. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

    There was one of these plying the waters of Lake Minnetonka, MN a few summers ago. Avocado green hull colour or was it he yellow???? So sweet !

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)

    What is this. Two plastic Headers in Two days. Your loosing me, The thing looks like glorified pontoon boat. I rented a deck boat in Fla. once. It was sluggish. and handled poorly’ maybe because we had about 10 family members on it, who refused to go on a pontoon boat. I guess I will go on Sea Rays blog. At least you know you are going to see a plastic boat.

  10. Red Dog

    Ya mean it shrinks when your in the water…Like a turtle… I don’t know how you live with those… In the early 70’s, my dad had a ’68 Evinrude “Skeeter” snowmobile,

  11. Where's the WOOD??

    She meanders. That means the boat moves back and forth depending which side you are paddling on.

  12. Rick

    Besides Panther I also own fiberglass so that ain’t the problem But this? Hello no! Maybe floating in the pool but that’s it.

  13. Captain Nemo

    “Positive upright flotation” is always a good option, as opposed to “negative inverted submersion”. HAHAHA! The 70’s were some strange days indeed if I remember correctly.🤪

  14. Troy in ANE

    Like they say. “If you remember the 70’s you weren’t really there.”

  15. Syndee isbell

    She is mine y’all and she is all kinds of fun! By meander I meant not fast. She is still for sale and I know the price is fair. Wouldn’t you love to be the owner of this??!!