Cleaning up for winter storage. but wait

If you thought I was sitting around fretting about all the politics in the community, SORRY. I was having fun with Jimmy and Scarlet in Jimmy’s Barn, but not before we decided on a last last last minute gasp in Stinky. And that’s what its all about. I will say that I was a bit nervous about the old Stink. She wasn’t cranking like she should, and with a new battery. Oh, boy!

Come on!


Well, it turns out it was a crappy battery, and after replacing the battery and a squirt of fuel she lit up like the time bomb that she is.


Inner peace, 5 or 6 cylinders at a time

I will add, she was running on only 5 cylinders, for about 5 minutes, and right we we said, this is not fun, BAM, all 6 started running. Like the race champ that she is. Hell, I wake up each morning wondering which cylinder is dead. Maybe I should have pored a bit of coffee in her tank.  Ripping around the creek and laughing it up, yelling YES, YEAH, ALRIGHT.  55 degrees and flat water and gasping over Thanksgiving. Then it was time to get to the barn.

Looking clean! Leaving HQ in Reedville

Headed to Jimmy’s

After we got Stinky out, we packed up the boats and headed to Jimmys barn to pull the Engine from WECATCHEM. I wanted to clean the bilge and take a look at stuff, re torque pan bolts and all. The entire engine pull took 30 minutes. And the bilge cleaned in no time.

And poof in Jimmy’s barn

Scarlet is not impressed

Jimmys Barn is heaven

Fantastic place to work on a boat.

Getting ready to pull the W, Farm style

Another view – The battery cables are attached to a hidden kill switch.

Starting to pull

Lifting out

Shockingly simple!

Not much to clean. When the Katzs Marina team had the boat, they also went through the bilge and its still perfect.

After that was done, we took some time to clean up the 430 From Scarlet the boat. She had a rusted out head and manifold. Ugh..

All put together and looking sweet.

Another view of the 430

Another 430 in Jimmy’s latest fun Super Sport. Man oh man, that is one slick boat.

Ahhhhhhhh Barn Boating, and getting back to normal. It’s all about friendship, boats and more boats and screw the politics. As they say , “whatever floats your boat”



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37 Responses to “A Day In The Barn Can Help Kill The Winter Blues. Oh And A Boat Ride Always Helps.”
  1. Dan T

    And that’s why I click on Woody Boater.
    THANKS. can i be jimmy’s friend?

  2. steve in the woods

    Jealous of Jimmy’s Toy Box! Chickens? I have to look for eggs in my boats…

  3. Troy in ANE

    I see two of the water ski chairs, I still wonder where that third one went.

    OH YA, I have seen that poster somewhere before.

    • m-fine

      The “Third Chair” does not exist. There was never a Third Chair, it never existed, even though we both sat in it. Very suspicious.

      • Matt

        Well, there were three chairs, One that you can see in the film, the other was a standby and the third was the crash chair. Really!

        • George Burgess

          A different subject, is the floor in your 25 Marmoleum? If so where did you purchase it?

          • Matt

            Hi George, I am not sure, Seth got it from his supplier. I know its close to the original as we could find.

          • Mark Edmonson

            Any Good Armstrong flooring center, One in Richmond Michigan, very Pricy

  4. Bob in Mazeppa

    That W engine is a monster. Close to 3/4 ton of slow turning torque.

  5. m-fine

    Rusted out heads and manifolds? You guys should convert to fresh water cooling to save those engines from the salt.

    • Troy in ANE

      I designed one for AB but have never had it built or installed. It is not exactly rocket science.

    • m-fine

      Couldn’t be too hard to put one together with mostly off the shelf parts. A recirculating pump, a heat exchanger, expansion tank, plumbing parts etc. and maybe a couple custom brackets. Not as easy as bolting on a kit, but not rocket surgery either.

  6. RH in Indy

    Great to see that last, last gasp action at the end of November! Just that much sooner till spring!

  7. Jaxon

    I used to get to lay on the concrete in the barn till I peed on a tire in there. After that my leash go shorter.

  8. Bobby Boat

    Try “Salt Away”, look into it when you flush your engine with fresh water after a day of boating.

  9. Wudzgud

    Matt I see you are in distress with that Chris Craft bow flag upside down.

  10. John Rothert

    Jeez, you and Jimmy have every tool known to man and the pics show multiple vise grips and channel locks???
    Glad you got another ride in.
    70 here yesterday…near the same today and rest of week!!!

    John in Va.

  11. Matt

    HAHAHA sure is, there was a football game on. Maybe she was the halftime show.

  12. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)

    Great to read a fun article. This is what woodyboating is all about. Get out and enjoy the boat, even enjoy working on them. Why stand on the dock or sit in a restaurant discussing politics. Use them, thats what they were built for.

  13. Reddog

    Does the wooden waterski chair in the 10th picture, have the “gangster lean?”

    • m-fine

      I think there is some funky lens distortion going on in that photo. The chairs were all very straight and sturdy when I sat in them in Tavares. All THREE of them!