It has a trailer!

Well, yesterday kinda blew up into a ship show, so we thought, hey, maybe we take this a step farther and escalate things. I mean, we like going to boat shows, but maybe it might be a bit tough to show up, so.. Maybe we invade the next show?

You can dock wherever you want to.

Maybe pound the shore line before we come in? Then come in with Stinky and gas the area. Okay this is starting to sound like a battle plan.  We can force a new category, forget pre war, post war crap, this is just WAR.. Or… Not….

Yikes thats a tight fit

Lets go! Powered by a Sea Do jet.

The good news is you can get it on ebay today if you like.

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8 Responses to “The Next Woody Boater Boat?”
  1. Jim Staib

    That boat or one like it has been for sale for years. I’m thinking they should send it to Kim Jung Un. Nice little boat for a little guy.

  2. Kim Jung Un

    Oh! You not FUNNY Mr. Staib. NK have rocket that reach Chicago. I bee watching you.

    • Rahm

      Listen you little runt! This is CHICAGO. It’s MY town. We have youth groups better armed than most countries. You just try to get on the 4200 block of Hermitage Av.

  3. Ron Y.

    I like this one …. It has softened up more than one shoreline…..
    Now that’s a Classic Boat ….

  4. floyd r turbo

    Is it considered pre-war or post-war or The War, I guess. Kim, is that a rocket in your pocket or you just really like that boat.

    • Sean

      Canada built quite a few Fairmiles during the war. Some even went to serve the USA!