Bobs Calendar “Shrine”

Wow, its like you are a genus. Who saw this coming? Anyone? I mean poor Bob has to carry around that dam sentence of a name all year and what good is it? Well, its not so funny right about now. Cause guess what else. You’re gonna need a Calendar, and guess again….Okay, enough Guessing.

Each month has a beautiful Bob Kays photo – Thats not Bob BTW, he takes the photos. Do I need to explain everything?

All ya gotta do is click on the ebay link below and get one. On sale? No..Okay wait until this time next year if you want a sale. The good news is if you buy one, the ACBS chapter makes a little coin to pay back the Calendar printer. And Bob can make another one next year. This is as close to an official Woody Boater Calendar that we have. So take all the Guess work out of what day it is or tomorrow is, there. Bobs got ya covered.

It’s $13 … Thats right, A little over 1 buck a month. You spend that much on… on.. NOTHING! How does Bob do this for 13 bucks? … Wait, it’s normally $100 bucks and on sale for you for $13.. Yeah.. How does that sound?

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17 Responses to “Guess What Bob ” Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays, Has As A Gift Idea? Just Guess?”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Bob does the BEST calendar!

    I would go buy one, but it is on my Christmas list and the members of my family get very upset when I buy stuff off my list for myself.

  2. m-fine

    Finally, the gift day I have been waiting for. Like Troy though, I don’t thinkI am allowed to buy one just yet.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)

    Am I allowed to buy something that is published in conjunction with ACBS? Even though Bob is a good sponsor and contributer. Mabie someone in one of the pictures is wearing a SpeedBoat Outlaws shirt. Im going to be a real outlaw. I want one of these for Christmas!

    • Ron Y.

      I would Love to see a Cruiser Calendar.. I know there are great photos out there, and they make for great, colorful imagery; and show that there is more to Woody Boating than trailer boats.

  4. Rick

    Does a cruiser guy have any money left over for a calendar, much less the time. Great calendar though. Hope the wife has ordered one for me.

    • Troy in ANE

      It’s funny that everyone thinks that, but I have less into my Cruiser than most of my buddies have into there 20′ runabouts.

  5. Bill

    the bank doesn’t pay me any interest, the insurance company rips me off, the only thing I get out of the deal is a free calendar from them. now you want me to go buy one

  6. Sean

    In a totally selfish post, I’ll say for a totally unique woodyboat Christmas present, my company makes custom boat/dock mats in 2’x3′ with rubber backing that uses any picture you want… or any words or logos for that matter. The more resolution, the better the mat.

  7. Capt Tommy

    For $5,000 woody boater will tell you what day it is everyday. Day after day. That’s only $13.69 per day.

  8. Floyd r turbo

    Bob should go to a weekly calendar that way he can get you Cruiser guys photos, lapstrake guys photos, fiberglass guys photos plus his regular photos. Might be a little more expensive. But for now I’ll get a couple for my friends and one for my wife that way if she doesn’t get me one I can look at hers.

  9. Ryan

    Bob does a great job. If any of the lapstrake guys are interested in a calendar, check out the LBOA’s annual calendar.