What a day, one of the best and most fun Holiday Parties to date, it appears everyone was having fun and let it all hang out. We did get a call from the ACBS and they asked if we could keep it down. I told them that we were having trouble keeping anything down.

Bob Kays was running around at the end showing people some older 2013 Calendars, and well.. Lets just say “Someone” Thought it would be funny to varnish the chicken on a stick.. Actually, shockingly made it taste better.

Texx is out sleeping on a pontoon boat and sadly Paul Harrison never made it, he broke down in Omaha.  And ‘Another “Someone”  Well, I am not sure I can say what that “Someone” wound up doing. But lets just say, if you win a pack of Wieners from us this year.. Just throw them out. Hey, it was funny at the time.

Anyway, typing is hurting my head. AND NO ALL CAPS TODAY PLEASE!

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18 Responses to “Varnish Elixir! The Cure For The Virtual Hangover.”
  1. Rick

    no caps or even punctuation this morning please but it was a great party thanks matt for hosting

  2. Capt. Cranky

    Headed to Chez Paris for a garbage omelet…as soon as I can get out of bed! Hiccup…oof.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)

    I am late but still here. What a bad day for my internet to go down. I missed it, but I am here now. I’m like the guy that works 2nd shift. I show up late sober, and ready to party! Lets add new life to this party and keep it going. We are not out of the good stuff yet.

    • Rick

      I’m ready for more. Just need a little coffee and then its party time again…………snore.

    • Troy in ANE

      I’m with Mark in Ohio PU!

      Let’s keep this party ROCKING! Only wimps have a virtual party for just one day.

  4. Jim Staib

    I can hear the coffee brewing. Unfortunately I can’t move to get any. Yelled for Jaxon to bring me some and I don’t think he made it back. A good time was had by all.

  5. Mike K

    oh no! who’s wife is this!
    matt you better photo shop her up alittle before her significant other logs in.


      • Briant

        Awww, put the image back up….to quote a Christmas Classic….”The little trouts could use a few days in the real world.” (Home Alone, Kevin’s older jerk brother)

        • Mike K

          here, not only can you see it you can buy it!, im not the seller (honest!) i only happened to see it when i was looking for some speed boat collectables.

          ebay item number 372166748234

          i probably broke some copyright laws anyway by posting it.

      • m-fine

        You have a point Matt, but most of your readers kids are in their 40’s or 50’s so I think that they can handle a little exposure every now and then. 🙂

    • Troy in ANE

      Congratulations Mike K!

      You are now in the club of select few who have had to have their comments removed from WoodyBoater!

      You are special!

  6. Wudzgud

    One hell of a party. We did not make it home in one piece. I let Billy drive since I was face down in the bilge. That kid will never learn the short cut is NOT through Purgatory Cove.