Dependable E.Z Blow

Wait, didn’t we just do a story on boat horns? Like a year ish ago. Oh Woody, running out of stories? Well.. Yes, I have been running out of stories for 10 years. But today we are going to talk about Horns again, because i found a different horn, and not sure if its right?

Chris Craft standard Accessory horn

So, the original story was about the EZ Blow Horn, and this one we found is a DEPENDABLE EZ BLOW horn. Is one earlier than the other?

EZ Blow, is it less dependable?

I have a theory. My gut tells me the DEPENDABLE one is a earlier one. That art is an older style.. Unless the earlier version was just type and they added the logo later? See confused?


No leather?

Okay and what about that leather strap? Gotta say its cool, very cool, and the leather thing adds a touch of PIZAZZ. Also here is the original story we did with the sticker art so you can replicate it.

print and stick!


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18 Responses to “Let’s Talk Horns.. Again.”
  1. Dan T

    Looking for a correct vintage electric post war Chris Craft horn. Is there an old boat horn specialist/restorer out there? What kind of horn is on your Sportsman?

  2. m-fine

    Well, if they feel the need to tell you to unscrew the mouth piece and rinse the reed, it probably wasn’t all that dependable.

    And LOL at who Troy knew in HS!

  3. dreed

    Hey, my last name is Reed. Maybe Troy can give me the name of that girl from high school.

    • m-fine

      I don’t think you understand. If the girl doesn’t blow TROY then you get rinsed in clean water. I presume that means you get thrown overboard, so not the best deal if you are the Reed. At least that is how I interpret it.

  4. John Rothert

    I’m staying out of this one….but a good story would be about Wilcox, Crittenden…they have been in business since the war of 1812 or something….made/make all kinds of good boat stuff.

    John in Va.

  5. Mark

    The real question is does Troy prefer a dependable or easy blow ?

    Both could have advantages

  6. Bob in Mazeppa

    Woody Boater is great. No matter how cold it gets in MN. Woody Boater spreads smiles and snickers.

        • m-fine

          No, the third was the crash horn. The first was the main horn, and then there was a second unit horn that was used in a couple shots. The 4th through 1024th were not used in the film despite claims by shady Ebay sellers and Joe Martell.

  7. Troy in ANE

    How do you guys know so much about my High School years? We must have gone to different schools together.

    Once I had a girlfriend that was so smart that for $20 she would blow your mind!