Well, it must be the month of pins. And if you look back at that ONLY ONE CHRIS CRAFT pin, it’s sitting at $290 on ebay right now, you can use this link to bid $400?


YIKES, so imagine what this little sucker is going to reach. A Very rare Chris Craft Employee Pin. Now, with this you can of course have it, frame it.. Whatever. Or.. Have fun with it. Need some history with your boat? maybe it belonged to him? Or you? WHAT?


Want to strip in your own photo? GO ahead. Now get into your time machine and set the dial for the time you want to be, and have the pin, cause thats your ticket in the factory. Go in, work on boats, and get a factory deal on a 25 Sportsman and just set it aside, then come back to today and go find it? See, how easy all that is? Come on, how hard can it be to make a time machine? We see them all the time in the movies?

Before! 1930’s

Then a little time poof!

See, there I am.. And all I needed was my pin! They dont have a clue what ebay is .. I chose to wear it Flavor Flav style. They don’t know who that is either.

But now you do. Sorry for that!

Its real!

Now here is an even cooler thing. Maybe, just maybe there is someone out there that knows 18112? Are you 18112Jr?  And now that would be the coolest thing going! Below is the link to the employee pin!

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11 Responses to “It’s Not A Pin, It’s A Key To Your Time Machine.”
  1. m-fine

    Ugh! Looks like I won’t be going boating this week. If we can’t get a time machine, how about a weather machine?

  2. John Rothert

    I have a Whirlwind salesman’s tie clasp….even has some wood on the sides of the boat…..priceless to me.

    John in Va.

  3. Dick Dow

    Wouldn’t it be fun to recreate those, but instead of the employee number, make it the hull number of your Chris Craft with your picture above it… Just sayin’!

    • m-fine

      I think the flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts would be easier than getting a 25 sportsman up to 88 mph!

  4. Dave lyon

    From my collection of DeeWite boating memorabilia : a very rare DeeWite factory employee pin.

  5. Wudzgud

    Matt you were the one that said we live in the time that our boat was made. So we are in a time machine everytime we are in our boat. No need for a Flux capacitor just a Chris Craft.

  6. Pete

    Holly Cow!
    I bet some button guy will show up selling reproduction Chris-Craft pins at our next boat show for $19.99 if he adds a little rust it will be $29.99