Yikes, thats a whole lotta boat to flip

We all recall the famous live streaming event last year of flipping Mark C’s 24 Sportsman. Well, the good folks at Katz’s have done it this time with Scarlet, who is getting a new bottom this winter. These boats are massive and its great to see it done.

Taking the windshield off is a big job unto its self

Cornhole anyone?

Getting the stuff out

THese boats are the best and worth it.

The team at Katzs make it look easy. But it isnt.

The bottom was actually in decent shape, but Jimmy decided to do it now before it “has” to be done, and more issues are there. She would soak up in warm water in an hr or so.

And poof, its done. No drama, no nothing, now lets get this bottom off!

Done, ish

And rolled into the workshop section where bottoms are done.

Stay tuned for more fun and APPDATES. We also have a whopper of a restoration story tomorrow.

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9 Responses to “Flipping Scarlet – Another 24′ Sportsman Flip-A-Rooney!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    WOW! After watching that video I see how Katz’s gets so much done. Those guys sure move fast!

    Gotta give Jimmy credit for being proactive. I would probably run that bottom until I wished I hadn’t.

    • Matt

      okay, YOu shut up about that landing craft. i had just about forgotten about it. HA

  2. Rob

    Cool. Is the original inner bottom plywood on this lovely boat? I do envy being able to flip a boat to install an new bottom. Sigh.

  3. matt

    yes its a inner plywood year. We are hoping for the best and trying to stay ahead of major issues. They sure make it look easy

  4. John Rothert

    Yes, impressive job…but I still like the rollover disc on the transom method…stay in contact with the ground….to each his own….and if you have that many guys around…easier for sure.
    Next photos …those are heavy built boats.

    John in Va.

  5. Wilson

    Scarlet ?…Wasn’t Scarlet the name of the replica Chris Craft at Disney World ?

  6. don danenberg

    Yeah.., they still use the “Heineken Method”; Guys and Tires?