It’s melting!

Ahhhhhh, a little relief from the bitter cold. Yesterday in Reedville it was around 65. Warmer in other areas, but we have a sheet of ice melting to cool things down. The good news is that it created a cool thing to photograph. Wow, the changes in nature are great to see…not feel. by Monday we are back down to 20. Share today your th-Ahhhh photos.

Cracking and melting

The fog is very cool. No really, its cool cold cool

I can now go swimming

Makes great photos too!

And this in from Dennis Mykols. The Th-Ahhhhh is happening all over!

Thanks to Fellow Woody boater Dennis Mykols for inspiring the story.


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19 Responses to “The Big Th-Ahhhhh!”
  1. steve in the woods

    Two observations; trawler is floating, and not sitting in the mud!

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    7F at the cottage as I write this. High of 14F predicted today. Coast Guard and Canadian ice breakers still working on persistent ice damming in the St. Clair river. Ice flows took out the Canadian Sombra ferry dock across from Marine City yesterday. Major damage with indefinite repair status. Frigid temperatures continuing to cause flooding and damage on the big river that flows water down from Port Huron ( site of the 2018 ACBS International event). Looking forward to a break in the weather!

  3. m-fine

    The big “tha-aaaah” dropped a foot of white stuff on us in the last 12 hours and more is falling. I think I am going to go back to bed until April.

  4. Wilson

    In upper 30’s in Tallahassee this morning…Neighborhood work day….Wind coming off the lake here doesn’t make that sound very inviting….even with the promise of hot coffee.

  5. Troy in ANE

    After almost two weeks in single digits and sub zero temps it has been raining for two days. Snow almost gone.

    Sandi and I are headed to Austin TX later today to visit with the likes of Frechette, Price, and Fender. Figured it would be good to get out of the ANE in January.


    • Jim Staib

      Had a couple days close to 60 here in Northern Illinois. All the snow is gone. Back to 4 today.
      Troy, visit Lockhart, TX and gorge on BBQ.

  6. Rick

    46 here on Long Island right now but that should drop all day until about 14 tomorrow morning. Hoping these two warm days have broken up the harbors enough to finally get out kayaking tomorrow.

  7. Doug in Maine

    55 degrees and rain on the coast of Maine this morning. It will be 20 this afternoon.

  8. Sean

    The Toronto International Boat Show is on so, I’m looking at boats for the next 9 days…. indoors. In the warm. There’s an indoor lake too (they have sea flea races!!!) Most of all, I’m selling ACBS Toronto SWAG though.

  9. Bob Kays

    Matt’s favorite boathouse on Lake Hopatcong. 65 degrees and rain in this photo with 10″ of ice. 24 hrs later 20 degrees and windy

  10. Bob B

    North NJ, snow finally gone except plow piles; it’s been mostly white here since Christmas.
    59 degrees yesterday. Tonight’s forecast is 7 degrees.

    My “Big Ahhhh…” —- is Ah-CHOO!

  11. Bob in Mazeppa

    Going to the Minneapolis Boat Show after I deliver a load of horse hay. Sure wish it was spring.

    • Mark

      After weeks of wetting the floor and building a heated trough today I had to uncover the boat, dry the cover and open the flaps on the portable garage to dry things out.

      • Dave Nau

        Yeah, got to 60 degrees in Cleveland yesterday, but now down to 15 degrees and 7 inches of cold powdery snow.

        In the meantime, my 1962 MFG Edinboro restoration is coming along nicely. I know it’s fiberglass, but hey, I have gel coat in my blood, not varnish.

        Keep warm, everyone and may your projects all be done in time for a spring launch!