So sad!

After a week of amazing warm loving family stories of boats being part of the family, I found this little guy on ebay and thought, mmmm thats so sad. A little guy all alone out there rowing a boat..that has an engine. I felt for him… With one oar!

Oh Thomas.

Even though he looks a little off and is wearing his speedo! Maybe I am reading too much into all this?

Yikes. Its cold out!


And happy header day! Just hit refresh or another story, or the header and another header will appear from the past.

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10 Responses to “The Saddest Ebay Deal – Mr Lonely”
  1. Chad

    Poor Thomas. Stranded with a bent motor, one oar, no pants, no cell phone, no sunscreen and no beer.

  2. Mark

    My glass is half full on this. He is alone with no bull-shit, he has no electronics to bother him and can just go swimming whenever he wants.

    Also, by the looks of the hand holding him he is doing okay at home too.

  3. steve

    Looks like he is having a lot of issues getting on boat buzz with one oar in the water and a bent motor shaft.

  4. Porcupine head

    That’s the tidy bowl man in his college days….Or you could tickle the man in the boat on top of his head. :- O )

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)

    Checked out the ad. That is a Johnson on the back. How can he be unhappy if his Johnson is controlling him. Looks lie he is cruising to me.

  6. Rick

    Are you bored Matt or did grandchildren get to you as I see you have painted nails. If it’s for some other reason just ignore this post.

  7. Captain Nemo

    Plastic guy in a speedo, something you just can’t unsee. Rather disturbing.