Thanks to all that helped last week with colors and her name. I have to say it was a tight battle between Lazy Suzy, A last minute like, Betty B, and Suzy B. but in the end, a big fat slow Greenish trawler named Sweet Pea just made us smile. So, SWEET PEA it is.

With an homage to the pea canning business’s here in Reedville, it also connected her history to the area.  We are still working on fonts.

Brush look

Woody Boater font – Understated

We spent most of yesterday scraping and sanding and varnish refreshing her interior. It was around 70 here. I have to say, a day on a boat of any kind doing anything, this time of year is like a week off.

Cleaning, varnishing interior

Clif and I started digging through her electrical system, cleaning up old stuff. Clif is an electrical engineer and loves this sort of stuff. We even got in a short boat ride. Wait, We went for a short distance, it took an hr. I am going to need to stock a case of Extra Strength Ritalin on board. But the Boatress is happy, and thus, ….. Well, you know the rest. Here is a little fun stuff for a Monday!

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46 Responses to “Meet SWEET PEA! The Seafoam, Rice 40 Trawler/Tug”
  1. Cameron

    Great name; it does make you smile. Why not try the same font as on the Reedville Brand?

  2. Mark

    Just make sure everything gets spelled correctly.

    Sweat Pee might not go over too well ….

  3. Bilge Rat

    Definitely the brush look. Lends humor to the name and as stated makes you smile.

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    Glad Suzy found the name that she likes. Naming a boat can be a big job.
    Can you believe I can remember watching that Popeye cartoon as a kid. Maybe that’s why I am nautically disturbed!

  5. Troy in ANE


    Here is a pic of AB flirting with her name sake. This “Sweat Pea” is a Little Harbor 38′ Whisper Jet.

    • Troy in ANE

      This is a little better shot of “Sweet Pea”! Oh gee I spelled it wrong the first time, I must be in WoodyBoaterVille.

  6. Horace

    Hey Matt — do you really think anyone cares about that old tub of lard you bought? Get back to speedboats or start a new sight called “Tubby-Boater.” The only person happy to see pix
    of that thing at your dock is the guy who unloaded it on you. You know what P.T. Barnum used to say . . .

    • Troy in ANE


      Actually I personally think “Sweet Pea” is about the COOLEST boat Matt owns. But that is just my opinion.

    • m-fine

      Horace, judging by the number of views and comments, it seems like a lot of people find this classic wooden trawler interesting. I understand that you may not, but keep in mind that at this time of year the alternative story topics are limited and may include exciting subjects like zipper pulls, toilet seats, screw heads, and smoking monkeys.

      This boat may not be as cool as a Lamborghini powered Riva, but it sure beats some of the alternatives!

      • Wilson

        Love that lady ( the Boatress that is) …Give ’em hell….Besides, tell him it is your boat, you like it and he can go pound sand.

  7. Jim

    Please excuse my question as I’m just a “lurker” to the world of Woody Boater…I understand that you should not change the name of a boat without some ritual…it’s bad karma…???

    • Matt

      The Boat has had three names as I know it, maybe more. Irish Mist was her first name, Attached is an add I found burried online. She will get the full ritual, which includes an area on the boat that will hold all her names in the past. We take that stuff seriously

      • Wudzgud

        Hey Matt, I thought that none of the old names could be left on the boat after renaming? If an old name is found somewhere on the boat i.e. old name on a cushion, or key tag the renaming ceremony has to be re done. Just asking???

        • Captain Nemo

          Part of the ceremony does include removing anything w/ the old name on it, including old log books etc.
          I like the new name, it works well.

  8. John Rothert

    I love the stories about big old boats and not always about trailer queens and speedy rides……great boat, great name…Go Boating! Forget Horace.

    John in Va.

  9. Rob Jones

    Great Choice. Just love that color and the scheme as well. I like the Brush look font as it just looks…well, “sweeter”. I was going to mention the “Re-Naming” ceremony but thought surely these guys know that.
    What color and brand paint will you be using for that awesome green?

    • Matt

      We are selecting actual colors now. We are using Off White from Pettit as the white and one of three colors from Kirby. The softness of the Seafoam needs to be right though. I may go with the Hatterias Off White from Pettit which is a tad darker.

      • Rob Jones

        I’ve been looking at Kirbys as well for my 29′ Chris Craft project. Closest To what you have, [which is the same green I’m looking for] seems to be, “#03 GREEN TINT – MARINE TOPSIDE PAINT”.

        Guess I’ll have to order a paint chart to be sure.

  10. The Boattress

    Here’s another famous quote…”if you don’t have something nice to say….”.

  11. Matt

    Okay, who pissed off the Boatress? RUN! We are all gonna die. And she knows how to do it!

  12. Wilson

    Just imagine if Horace ( whoever he is ?) shows up at a boat show…Talk about getting the ultimate cold shoulder !

  13. floyd r turbo

    I get a feed on f/b call “Born and Raised in Maine” which showed a picture of a Prius stuffed in a snow bank with tire chains on the rear tires. I posted a comment that said, “Must be from Mass” (Massachusetts). Some former residents from Mass now living in Maine made the comment about what do I know about driving in snow from Ga. “Sorry you got butt hurt, it says “BORN” and Raised in Maine. You’re still “from away”, you’ll never be a Mainer in their eyes” and my birth certificate says Portland, ME.” Even tho Horace is reading woody boater, he doesn’t know he “touched the third rail” lol. Real boats have a head and a galley, runabouts might be cute, but ain’t nothing like a cruiser, and a trawler is as “boaty” as you get. I feel for Horace, everyone give Horace a hug for he knows not what he has done. He has committed the ultimate sin. Even the Pope ain’t gonna help you here. Best to ask for forgiveness and say 10 hail Marys, spectacles, testicles, watch, and wallet (Catholics will know what I’m talking about, and some Lutherans).

    • Mark

      Why are you picking on us Massholes ?

      At least we have tread on our tires which is more than I can say for most Georgia drivers. On inch of snow = 50 car pile up.

      When you left did you keep using the famous Maine pickup line down there “Nice Tooth” ?

      • floyd r turbo

        I didn’t use the term “Masshole” but, now that I think of it, you picked the right noun. Crawl back into your cave, there’s 6 more weeks of trawler stories.

  14. Sean

    So, when you find your 8′ tender for Sweeet Pea…. do you paint it “Olive” and name her Oyl? And will your next dog be named Eugene? (Eugene was actually not a dog but, a Jeep)

  15. Tommyholm

    Horace, if you want to read about speedboats, go to the centuryboatclub Facebook group.

  16. Steve L

    Great name! The colours will look great! Seeing as you put the Popeye cartoon up, have you thought about spelling it like the Cartoon? “Swee’pea” Besides, everyone knows you’re spelling challanges. Hee Hee.

  17. Dan T

    Love all the stories about the classics and just so much more to talk about with the big ones. Galleys, heads, water heaters, AC wireing, docking, hauling, and on and on. Lots of new material. Sweet Pea’s looking good!

  18. Troy in ANE


    Skip the Ritalin and start drinking again. Trust me 8 knots is a GREAT speed with a nice glass of bourbon in your hand. Also IF you should happen to hit a pier, like Richard Richardson did, it will probably not be you who dies.


  19. John Rothert

    Hatteras White is a good off white and classic boat color.

    John in Va

  20. Rich Marschner

    Great colors and a great name, Matt. I do think the “flourish” typeface is the one; goes with the bow trim job…